2006: My Year in Review

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It feels like way more than a year’s worth of events have transpired over this past year. To recap:

January 2006:
Brian and I got back together (here and here)
I started this blog
I started a Certificate in Project Management at Ryerson

February 2006:
My first trip to Arizona as Brian’s girlfriend (while I was there we went to this and this and experienced the randomness of this and saw this incredible show).

March 2006:
I taught myself how to crochet

I had my last test by the “real” doctors to determine what the dyingness was
I met the magical osteopath
Brian came home to visit

April 2006:
My parents sold our house
My cousin had a baby girl
My friend Carolyn got married
Brian decided to stay in Arizona longer than expected
Brian came home to visit

June 2006:
I went to visit Brian in Arizona for the last time (and saw his first professional concert)
Book Expo Weekendand more
I had my 1 year anniversary at work!
My little bro graduated from grade 8

July 2006:
We moved

August 2006:
Brian moved home for good!
I went to England (more here, here, and here)

September 2006:
Mom and I went to Stratford
I turned 26

October 2006:
Brian and I had our first full month together in the same city
We launched 5 websites at work

November 2006:
The Week of Musicals took place with my going to see Urinetown, Chicago, The Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Songs for a New World
Brian and I went to Kingston 
I went to the Giller Light Party
My Little Bro came to work with me for the day

December 2006:
I got a promotion at work!
My candida number went way down after a year of not eating any gluten, sugar or dairy!

Here’s the 2006 List of Books I’ve Read 

Looking back through 2006, a lot happened. I feel like 2007 is going to be a good year. Now that I’m feeling better and have the candida pretty much under control, I can start to focus on other things (I hope!). January holds 2 more classes in the Project Management Certificate, and more yoga. Now that the health part of my life doesn’t have to consume everything I do, I hope I’ll be able to see more people and to strengthen some friendships that I know have been neglected (sorry everyone!).

I’m also going to try really hard to start to live in the moment and appreciate what I’m doing and where I am in life more, and not worry about or complain about where I think I should be or what I think I should be doing.


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