the two year catch up

Posted on December 29, 2006. Filed under: Friends |

So it’s likely a coincidence, but I went out with a friend last night who I haven’t seen for about 2 years. We went for yummy thai food and caught up on the past few years (funny how now even though life seems to be moving at a more rapid pace, there can be a year or two gaps in between meetings and that’s just about perfect for catching up on everything that has transpired in that time). Anyway, we had a lovely time and I hope it isn’t another 2 years before we see each other again.

Tonight I went out with a good friend from high school, Shirley, and the last time we hung out was over a year ago, if not more. It was on Hallowe’en night. I think it was 2005 and not 2004…but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway,  we had a fantastic time at a local pub just catching up. The best part was when all of these “kids” came in and started getting id’ed and she realized that we hadn’t been (after all those years of being ID’ed WAY after the age of 19 and hating it, it was weird to be the old gals in the room atthe age of 26). I said that it must be getting close to 10 because the kids were just coming out and we were past our normal bedtimes. It was 20 to 10. Oh dear. Anyway, it was fantastic to see her and to catch up properly after being incommunicado for so long. And, though I suck tremendously at keeping in touch with people regularly, I do try my best to stay in touch because I place it on a very high level of importance.

And I realized that this is part of the reason why I don’t actively try to meet people like I used to. I don’t have time to maintain the relationships.

I mean, I barely have time to maintain the ones that I WANT to maintain with the people that I consider to be very good friends and I currently consider it fantastic if I can email someone back within 3 months of the receipt of their email, which is not a fantastic turn around time. And so more people means less time that I don’t have enough of to begin with. So, for anyone reading this who I haven’t been in touch with frequently, I apologize. BUT I am ALWAYS here for the really important stuff and, as with every New Year I will promise to try really hard to be better at returning emails and making initial phone calls and all that jazz.

Thanks for sticking with me 🙂


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