triumph over the tongue idiot(s)

Posted on December 13, 2006. Filed under: Candida, The Dyingness |

I had someone comment on a post yesterday and it made me happy to know that I’m not the only one out there who notices that B12 and candida have affected what used to be a perfectly normal tongue. Thank you Tim for being a non-tongue idiot and for believing in “hocus pocus” unlike my supposed doctors.


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One Response to “triumph over the tongue idiot(s)”

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Hi, I have had geographic tongue since I was a baby, I’m 30 now. My tongue is usually cracked on the sides with dime size or smaller red or white rings on average. During a flare up I can have large pink raw patches that even bleed (rarely). Also during the flare ups spices, acidic foods, and even salts can cause swelling and increased soreness. I have noticed over the years that its not an allergy to the foods but rather a reaction to my diet. Some months I will do great and the condition becomes virtually asymptomatic, and other months its hell on my tongue (literally).

I have a wide variety of other problems, one of the worst is my back and shoulder acne that started in my early 20’s. This is no ordinary acne, they are pissed off round boils that last for months and I get them on my head and face too. For this problem I have noticed that diet directly effects them as well. Also lots of sun tanning (vitamin D) makes the condition vanish in just a few weeks after a winter long of pain suffering and hiding out. It is notable that I have had milk intolerance since I was a baby also that eventually grew to the need for an epinephrine pen.

I am now researching to find a connection to these problems and possible vitamin deficiencies. I encourage everyone with symptoms like these to help each other in finding cures and at least helpful “natural” ways to heal these conditions. I know it can be done because I accidentally heal myself yearly it seems, I just haven’t learned exactly what the problem is, or what exactly the cure was.

In this world the internet is a great tool for research, and in my personal opinion doctors are not a wise bet in this case. I too have received all of the familiar responses from many doctors over the years. You know, “the shrug of the shoulders, an antibiotic and/or steroid prescription, and a bill”. Come to find out this behavior from doctors may be causing many of the more complex problems arising today. Yet they still do it, why, because it pays the bills. It works like a charm every time, they write a prescription, you go fill it, everyone gets paid including the pharmaceutical companies, and as a bonus, you come back for more.

Finding the true help you may seek on the internet can be a daunting task. 99 times out of 100 sites you click on will only be trying to stir up the pain of your symptoms so you will follow like sheep into trying their useless product, you know the one many say is “the secret cure”.

There is no secret cure… If there was a real 100% cure for anything I don’t care what it was, it would not be a secret for long, and you might actually find someone talking about it on a blog like this “without a link back to their website that sells a product”. Don’t fall for these BS cheap anchor advertising methods. A personal tip from me is that if the website scrolls past the first page its a scam, and your the victim. Don’t even read on unless you want to be totally freaked out about your symptoms to where you can’t sleep and find yourself thinking about buying a product that probably has nothing to do with your symptoms at all. Does it sound like I could write one of these pages? That is because I have read way too many, the internet is flooded with them.

There are real cures out there for all of us to find and share. The problem is that in America (where I live) its not about having a cure that works. Its about having a product that sells and makes MONEY. Sadly enough this is why so many people in America and all around the planet are suffering. Health should come first in our world, not money, but that is my opinion.

Most doctors only want to treat you for what can be diagnosed on paper, there are laws in this county in particular that prohibit many natural treatments from being prescribed. I don’t claim to know the facts, but what I do know is we can treat help each other by simply posting blogs like these and playing an active role in the discussions on such blogs. maybe we can all link our blogs together and share are research on this particular issue. I too want some answers that work. If I sound like a raving maniac its because I am just so fed up with all the BS previously mentioned above in this post. I think a lot of us are.

I am on the candida diet as well and I will be adding Vitamins D3 and B12 slowly.
I do believe candida is more common today because of the misguided use of antibiotics. If I had 100 bucks for every time in my life I received antibiotics for the common cold I could buy something really nice!

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