the procrastinating continues

Posted on December 12, 2006. Filed under: School |

While I continue to procrastinate from studying I used an age-old method of passing the time.

Figuring out the lowest possible mark I need to pass the course and any other scenarios to figure out what my final mark could be based on the weight of th marks in the course and what I’ve already earned.

For example, I just lost any slight incling towards studying because I figured out that if I get a 50% on this exam I will still get a 80% in the course.


All drive and motivation were just quashed right there.

I find that this important procrastination method is essential in the university process for 3 reasons:

1. It makes you feel productive and that you are contributing to your studying because it vaguely has something to do with the course.

2. You figure out that you don’t really need to study any more because you are still going to pass the course and that 1 point difference on a 25% final doesn’t change your outcome one iota.

3. You figure out that you are going to fail anyway, so why bother studying. At this point it’s too late.

See how beneficial this can be!

Then, to procrastinate even more, you get to blog about the outcome, hence passing more time.

Brilliant I say.

Freakin’ brilliant.


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