trans siberian orchestra, not so much

Posted on December 1, 2006. Filed under: Music, Theatre |

Brian and I went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra on Wednesday. We met up first with a friend of his and his girlfriend and then they came too (but sat in a different level). I was all excited because I like the radio rendition they had of Carol of the Bells. The orchestra was good and the Christmas carols they did for the first 10 minutes or so were fun, and then something happened.

The entire rest of the show was terrible.

Maybe I wasn’t prepared for what happened, but there was suddenly a narrator who told a terrible “Christmas” story which I couldn’t follow (and I’m pretty damn good at following plot lines) which centered around an angel, a bar, and a neon sign. The remainder of the show was comprised mostly of solos, which were too loud and had the worst lyrics I have ever heard. The most painful being the song that had a country twang to it, centering around Christmas and that damn neon sign at the bar. It was PAINFUL.

But, they must be doing something right because there were hardcore fans there and the ACC was packed. I just don’t get it.

And the scariest thing of all was that this is likely the most culture a lot of the people there get — and they think it’s good! Yikes!

I will admit that the cool part was, with the orchestra only, the exact timing of the lights, but that eventually wore thin.

We left at what we thought was the end, after the “Christmas” story was done, abandoning Brian’s friends (by accident, we thought they had left) and bolted for the door, apparently missing the rock songs at the end.

I’m all for the bizarre if it’s good.

This was not.


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