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Can you get through an entire day without gossiping at all. Not talking about another person or happenings as such. See how many hours you are awake before you do… Let me know how quickly you do it. Or are you one of those non-humans who can make it through the entire day?

Even if you hate, loathe and detest gossip, you must participate it in — even without knowing that you are.

Put on your gossip radar and get ready to report to me. I’ll keep you posted on my triumphs. My goal is to make it to at least 10:00 am (I get up at 6:30). That’s 3.5 hours of not gossiping, which MUST be doable, right?

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christmas cards

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Is it bad that I want to write out my Christmas cards now? The only thing keeping me from doing it is this block in my mind that says “you aren’t allowed to do that until December 1”. I could maybe get away with November 30th… The thing is I love writing in them for a while, but the novelty soon wears off and so I figured that if I stretched the task out over the next few weeks it would be exciting each time. Is there some ettiquette book out there that states when one should do this? Perhaps I’ll start this weekend…

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do you vote?

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I was brought up to believe that voting is important. Brian was not. We argue about the importance of voting and how the lack of doing so really is sheer laziness on the behalf of those non-voters out there.

So please, can you shed some light you non-voters…why don’t you vote?

Voters — why do you? Is it important to you? Why?

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