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sarah harmer’s escarpment tour

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Last year Brent and I went to see Sarah Harmer play in Georgetown. Brian and Alex came too — but got seats after us, so sat behind us somewhere. I could still drink beer at this time and I was a little drunk before the show…but it was fantastic, especially because it was so close to home.

She is working with a group called PERL to help raise awareness and to protect the Niagara Escarpment. She was back yesterday to wrap up with a docu-concert that she had created with Andy Keen about the tour, which started up in Tobermory and ended in Burlington last year. The DVD is called The Escarpment Blues and I’d say it’s a must-see, especially for people living anywhere along the escarpment. It opened my eyes to a few things and by the sounds of it, it’s also really opening Sarah’s eyes to a whole new world and process of getting things done. I hope that she sticks with it and that more people become involved with her organization, PERL. Their main opponent right now, Nelson Aggregates was charged with transplanting an endangered tree (the butternut tree) and altering a waterway. You can read more about this on their site, and sign the petition too while you’re there.

Brian and I went to see this docu-concert yesterday as part of our date for our 10-month anniversary. Then we went to the new Thai place down the street and ended the night with Kinsey (the only previously-viewed VHS tape at the store that we could purchase for less than $4 — no, I don’t own a DVD player yet, and the fam was watching hockey, so we were banned to my room).

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my candida recipes

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A lot of people find this blog and thank me for my candida-friendly recipes. Many people out there are just starting this diet of no gluten, sugar, or dairy, which is quite difficult, especially when there are very few books out there on this topic. I’ve gone through and tagged all of the recipes that I have posted on this blog, so you can find them all in one fell swoop here: Enjoy! And let me know how things turn out and if you like them.

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new historical post stats

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This new metric of seeing the stats for each post is kind of cool, though I’m sure the graph would be easier to read if you consistently had the same number of posts. Mine looks like a yo-yo on cheap drugs. Up-down-up-down-up-down. Still cool nevertheless.

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