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the blackberry vs. crackberry debate: confirmed in video

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Further to my rant about the crackberry, you have to watch this hilarious (and oftentimes true) video. It makes the argument for me and is too funny.

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tickets for chicago

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ninadiva got us tickets for Chicago!! I’m so excited!!! I’ve wanted to see it live ever since I saw the movie way back in K-town! Thanks hon!

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take our kids to work day, a success. what did you want to be when you grew up?

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I took the little bro to work today and it was so much fun!

From the get-go, we got up early and were actually out of the house on time. I realized that my ritual of saying Good Morning! every morning as I pass where my grandparents lay in the cemetary might be construed as odd, so I explained quickly right before we got there and we both yelled in happy tones Good Morning! as we flew past. Honestly, it was so sweet, it almost brought a tear to my eye.

I was happily excitedly nervous to take him into the office — mostly excited, but he did very well and made me very proud. I was impressed as he actually spoke up, wasn’t shy and remembered to shake people’s hands (I even tested his handshake the night before, and its good. Solid.) I showed him a lot of stuff and we both taught each other some tricks — I was impressed at his questions and ideas.

Later at yoga, I thought of two things. First — my job didn’t even exist when I was growing up — so clearly, I never wanted to “be it when I was older”. I remember phases of wanting to be a teacher until I realized that not only did I dislike kids, and stupidity, but I didn’t want to help spread knowledge in that way either. (I’m mean like that). I wanted to be a psychologist…but that phase passed. Then a lawyer. This one lasted the longest, until I realized that I didn’t want to work those hours, or actually work on cases involving people — basically, writing this, I wanted a job without interaction with the public I guess (a result of too many bad retail jobs in high school I believe). I would love to go to law school, but would likely never practise — and therefore couldn’t justify the cost.

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did your job exist when you were a kid? Did you actually become what you always dreamed you would be? I wonder how many people do…

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