thanksgivings past

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I always like to think about the Thanksgivings past when the weekend comes around. For my years at Queen’s almost every Thanksgiving involved my 1st year roommate and the 401.

A quick synopsis:

1999 — My grandma had a stroke, so I came home from Kingston early and my friend Lise came a few days later. She was the first person I brought home from school and it was good to have someone else there to distract us from the seriousness of ICU and the hospital.

2000 — Tara, Michelle and I drove home, down the 401, missing the exit to the 404 and driving straight up Yonge St to a church in Aurora to drop Tara off. It took FOREVER to get home! Kate’s friends had camped out in our house for the weekend, before heading to Africa — and didn’t turn the heat on. They were wearing mittens and scarves and were freezing by the time we got back.

2001 — Third year. Brian Tara and I drove home together. This was shortly after the infamous birthday when I was in turmoil over the whole Brian/Cameron situation. I had told Brian, after he drove all the way to my place that we couldn’t be together. I believe that Brian took the train back to Kingston that year…My mom remembers that Cameron came for Thanksgiving…Kate was also supposed to come, but she took off to Montreal for the weekend instead.

2002 — Tara and I drove home together for the last time. I remember bringing Brian’s Eucalyptus plants back to Kingston for him, but don’t remember much of him that weekend — I think it could be because this was right before we broke up…so perhaps he made himself scarce? Haha. I draw a blank on everything except the Eucalytus and perhaps also taking Michelle back to K-town?

2003 — I was in Vancouver! Chris, Anna Kate, and Peter had everyone over — I think there were about 20 of us and Chris cooked most of the dinner. They took the doors down off the hinges, and rested them on platforms around the apartment and we all sat around them to eat dinner, squished but having a great time! I also now had the pleasure of going to Tara’s place for a Thanksgiving. Her wonderful family took me in and it was just so perfect!

2004 — My cousins were here from England and they celebrated their first Thanksgiving with us…it was really nice to have them here as it was also our first Thanksgiving without my grandparents.

2005 — Gloria had just moved to Toronto from Vancouver, and so she came for dinner and met the fam.

2006 — Brian and I spent a perfect weekend together — and we went for dinner at his parent’s place last night with his family and it was lovely. He came here tonight for another turkey and my aunt and uncle came as well. Probably the least dramatic, but also a very nice Thanksgiving 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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