do you wear your shoes in the house?

Posted on October 8, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

When I was in England, Auntie Dorothy commented on the fact that I took my shoes off as soon as I came in the door. My uncle Lenny did the same thing apparently. My entire family takes their shoes off before entering the house. Always have.

I suppose part of the reason is to not track mud all through the house, or any dirt really, but also comfort value. I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing shoes all of the time, and really I don’t see the point — what are you protecting your feet from?

I remember when I was little that it always bothered me that people on TV wore their shoes in the house. I noticed, at Thanksgiving dinner last night at Brian’s, that his parents both had their shoes on… And I just wonder how many people wear shoes in the house — which do you think is more common? Do you wear your shoes in the house at all time? Why? In preparation for a quick escape?


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3 Responses to “do you wear your shoes in the house?”

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Well…if it makes you feel better…in Korea it is rude to leave your shoes on. Most people sit on the floor…sleep on the floor here…so to have shoes on would make everything dirty. Plus…in Canada…I always take my shoes off…and have always found it odd to leave them on…:)

Well, here in Japan, they also realize that shoes are intended for the outside world.

You can take off your shoes at many (most?) restaurants and Japanese style bars (“izakayas”). Little lockers for shoes are provided at the front of the bar, and sandals are left just inside the bathroom door. It’s really quite relaxing and wonderful to chill out in your socks while drinking with your friends.

… of course, this necessitates cool socks, but that’s a fair trade off, as I see it.

Oh, and to answer your question… the Merriman family was never about shoes in the house. I think it’s silly – if you really can’t bear to lose the arch support, buy nice slippers.

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