thailand coup makes trip a no-go?

Posted on September 19, 2006. Filed under: Politics, Travelling |

On my way home from work tonight, listening to Jazz FM as always, there was the regular financial report which I usually don’t understand much of (but I’m hoping will rub off in some way) except tonight it sparked my interest.

A coup in Thailand? Martial law enforced?

The message I left for Brian went something like this:

“Um, hi hon. You may have already heard this, but I just thought you should know that there’s been a coup in Thailand and there are tanks and stuff in Bangkok… And, well, you might want to call your friends in the off chance that they haven’t heard and maybe mention that they might not want to have their wedding in a war zone…”

Now, there is an unlikely chance that this could all be resolved and the country will be in perfect harmony with no chance of political unrest, upheaval or violence by the time we were supposed to go next August, but I will say this, while some people enjoy going to countries that are in these sorts of situations, I more like to stay away from them. I have no problem flying to the UK after a supposed terrorist attack because, well, if your plane’s going to blow up, your plane’s going to blow up and there isn’t much you can do about it, but I do not really feel comfortable vacationing with tanks.


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