orange juice

Posted on September 1, 2006. Filed under: Candida, The Dyingness |

I took a small sip of forbidden orange juice this morning at my quasi-sketchy, but not too bad, ‘hotel’ and thought to myself that it had probably been a year since i’ve tasted orange juice. I thought harder and yes, it has been exactly a year! A year today since I’ve had no wheat, sugar, or dairy. The more restrictions came sometime in November, but I can’t believe that these things haven’t been in my body for a year!


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3 Responses to “orange juice”

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I noticed a lot of comments about being on the special Candida diets for years and not making a complete recovery.

Perhaps you should check out this site.

Has everyone here tried to diagnose the reason the candida got a foothold in the first place? (parathyroid malfunction, heavy metals, antibiotics, etc.) It seems to me that with the proper candida diet and a couple antifungals like SF722 and raw garlic the candida should die off completely. Then the only thing left would be to rebuild the immune system to keep it from coming back.

Just pondering.

Question: Have you personally had candida?

Because these things do kill it off, but it takes time. No instant remedy for this one. After years of killing your body to get it into this state it has to be nutured back to health.

And you make it sound easy that “the only thing left would be to rebuild the immune system to keep it from coming back”. Have you tried to rebuild a deficient immune system while dealing with health issues? It’s um, kind of not an easy thing to do.

Had chronic fatigue for 15 years and always thought it was a gut problem. I’ve tried many things over these years (diet restrictions, anti-fungals, prescription antifungals, etc). ONly thing that worked for a while was presctription antifungals and never for very long.

However, been on Threelac for three months now and have never felt better. Wind has gone, can eat most foods without any reaction, fantastic. I don’t have shares in this business but would recommend to anyone. Still have to stay of the refined carb and sweet stuff. The theory behind Treelac is that it is a probiotic where the bacteria are predetary on yeast/fungi. Wish I’d started taking it years ago – didn’t cause the web is full of promises that don’t deliver.

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