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Today has been one of those wandering around shopping days, and my back is killing me from walking the last few days. I thought I’d take a break for some more way overpriced internet.

I want to record some notes from my trip, mostly just for me, but feel free to read along:

-Bath — the roman baths were completely covered over and during the georgian times they weren’t a part of the scene until people were complaining about hot water in their basements — then they were rediscovered. — Jane Austen lived here and hated it, but during those years her sister, mother and herself had very little money after her father’s death.

Avesbury is another similar Stonehenge site, though much more warn away. The Church made the people there bury all of the stones at one point because they were ‘pagan’. the people were tied to the stones and knew they were from their ancestry, and thought they were alive and so didn’t want to bury them. Later a rich man lived in the village and he decided he wanted them to be put back in place. There was one stone that, when they lifted it up, they found the remains of a man who they assume the stone fell onto when they were burying it. He had a satchel with him and was assumed to have been a medicine man at the time — his bones were sent off to a college, that was then bombed in the war (talk about bad luck) and thought to have been lost forever. He was found again in the british museum archives with a note from the college that they were sending him there for safekeeping!

Here I also learned of laylines and how the Avesbury site, Stonehenge, and other sites of importance are along this one — and along laylines in general. Did our ancestors have a sense of magnetism?

Georgian times — you were taken around in a chair and the people who carried you would take you directly up to your bedroom at the end of the night where you would get out on the ‘landing’ cool huh? Also, when you were saying good bye at the end of the night and calling for a chair you would be saying both ‘chair’ to the people you wanted to come and ‘ho’ to your friends — hence, cheerio (chair-ho).

People threw curses carved into metal into the bath that was a shrine at the roman baths. They recovered some of the curses here.

I visited Lacock — a medieval village and sat at a fireplace that had been around since the 1300s — the establishment had been there since 1361 and had sold beer since then. I sat by the fireplace and had lunch…picturing people hovering in cloaks and wondering how many people had stumbled out of there drunk — how many conversations had taken place? secrets? lives? It also looked oddly familiar and i then learned that it was used in Harry Potter.

Charles Dickens travelled qutie a bit — I saw plaques to him in Cantebury and he also visted Bath.

A townhouse is for sale in the royal mile — for £4 million or so.

I like the look of the circus better than that of the royal mile.

The houses in Bath are all facades — a lot of them anyway symmetrical and perfect at the front and chaos and old at the back — all different.

The Thermal Spa just opened — cost millions of pounds over budget. They were to open last year and someone put the wrong paint on the pools. The three tenors were supposed to be here to open it, and they came, but then someone noticed all of the paint coming off. They closed it and it just reopened in August 2006.

I saw a wedding this morning, leaving the pump house — by horse and buggy.

I can’t get over the fact that so many have visited here. It truly is worth the visit.

Avesbury is also known for fertility. Druids and others, and women come to one stone in particular to seek fertility help.

I watched Coronation Street by accident — now I don’t have to watch at home for 8 months. The plot line hasn’t moved along too far anyway, but there are some interesting tidbits and I saw a quasi shocking episode. Sadly, one of the characters I thought would be written out by now hasn’t been. 


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