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okay, so maybe i do want to… are you all going to make fun of me?

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So, despite the fact that I enjoy being a “cold-hearted romantic” I have not only gotten over my idea that separate houses would be a good idea if I were to get married, but I’ve also realized that I do actually want to get married.

You see, I was always of the mind that I didn’t need a stupid piece of paper, and I didn’t go to church, so what did it matter really if I had the stupid piece of paper to validate a relationship? For years, I’ve been fighting for the anti-traditional side, partly because I never thought I’d really be in a relationship that would end in marriage (or start a marriage I guess) and I know that, after working at a law firm in high school, I would never get a divorce (the solution? don’t get married in the first place?).

I also have to be contradictory most of the time — it’s fading, with age I assume, but I hated the fact that people would constantly say “you’ll change your mind”, “just wait and see”. And the fact that they could have been right and that I have changed my mind (and will face certain ridicule) is somewhat funny.

The thing that changed my mind?

Actually a notion I hadn’t considered — Brian said it very articulately when he said that marriage sets that one relationship apart from all the others. It makes it more meaningful and important. That, the romantic in me loved. Such a beautiful idea.

Last night we were discussing marriages and churches and, as I don’t go to church I don’t see a point in getting married in one — that, despite changing my mind on marriage, is something you can’t take away from me. On this, I stand firmly. If I’m caving to part of the tradition, then I can’t go the whole way, right? Hehe.

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