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bans lifting

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It looks as though they are starting to lift bans on hand luggage, and to restore flights to normal (not cancel any more) starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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the magic continues (wizard osteopath 1: the dyingness: losing ground)

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I swear I can feel some sort of crazy energy coming out of his hands. Maybe he’s a wizard? I saw the magical osteopath today and he did the most intense treatment yet. My abdomen was a lot better, so he only worked on it for a little bit, and then he worked on the painful spot in my back.

He is amazing. I feel amazing!

The only problem is, that now I know that in 2 weeks I’ll feel like death as a repercussion of going to him, but then I’ll feel like gold for another 2 weeks. I guess I just have to keep going and hope that he eventually works the vitality back into my body (and the candida out)!

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Wal-mart fails in one market (a minor victory?)

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The August 5th edition of The Economist also has an article about the failure of Wal-Mart to succeed in the German market. I laughed at this part:

“Wal-mart went on to get nearly everything wrong in what the Bremen boffins called “a textbook case of how not to enter a foreign market.

The first error was to appoint a boss for Germany who spoke no German. Not only that, he insisted that his managers work in English. The next boss, an Englishman, tried to run the show from England.”

I read with a smug satisfaction that lack of research and “the American way” doesn’t work all the time — kudos to the Germans.

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how women won the sex war

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Quotes from last week’s Economist:

“Technology and globalisation are undermining the usefulness of males skills. Take map-reading. The female tendency to call for five right turns while holding the map upside down, playing “I spy” with the children and remarking on interesting features of the local half-timbering has been attested to over many decades by impartial scientists as well as by irritated husbands. But once satellite navigation rendered the ability to tell the cartographic difference between a car park and a lake redundant, that aspect of male superiority disappeared out of the window.”

In otherwords — women can mutli-task by nature, men are losing their grasp on the powerhold. It goes on to explain that these days upper management needs to have “emotional intelligence, empathy, and communication.” All traditionally female traits.

So what are the poor blokes to do?

“Wise chaps seeking professional advancement should therefore spend their free time with groups of women”.

What do you think fellas? Are we finally at the tipping point to equality? Or matriarchal power? Haha.

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