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indy 500

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I just spoke with Brian and he’s in Indianapolis! So only maybe 12 hours or so from home.

We used to go to Fort Wayne, Indiana every year for a car show, and I always looked forward to it. My dad built a 1932 Ford Pickup — chopped, lowered, and bright orange. The sound of that thing starting up was (and still is) my most favourite sound. We would drive down with our car club family and stay for the week. Once we continued on and our next stop was Indianapolis.

We managed to sneak into a Good Guys run and actually drive the truck ON the Indy 500 Motor Speedway. It was pretty exciting at the time.

The last time the truck was on the road was 1995, and it’s sadly wasting away in our garage, but I won’t let my dad sell it. It was a big part of my life, and he built it. I guess I’m now realizing that he might as well let someone else get some joy out of it, and the practicality of the matter is that he probably couldn’t drive it any more — no power steering, no power breaks. It’s too hard on him and too rough of a ride, but it will be hard to let go, once the time comes.

I’d like to at least go for one last ride.

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friday, last

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Cameron was here on Friday. My candida-filled body wasn’t agreeing with the Green Papaya for the first time ever (I met up with a dear Professor from Queen’s on Thursday night) and so I didn’t want to risk eating there again on Friday.

Instead I met Cameron at Yorkdale Subway stop. He called me while I was on the train and left his number from Dubaii, which apparently I can’t call without contacting my service provider. So I was wandering around, hoping to see him and thinking, “please call back, please call back, please call back.” Which he did.

me: “where are you?”
him: “at Yorkdale Subway”
me: “me too. where exactly?”
him: “walking towards the busses. I see you. Turn around and look out the window. I’m the tall guy walking through the parking lot.”

And so he was.

We stayed on the phone until we met and then said bye and hung up.

Went to future shop to try to get what I need to make my mac wireless, now that I can’t get an airport card without spending gazillions of dollars. We got a Linksys USB adaptor with the model number: WUSB54GC. He tried really hard (after installing OSX.4 for me — which is AWESOME!) to code the thing so that it would work, but to no avail. I felt kind of bad, since he was here all the way from Dubaii and we were sitting here, trying to get my computer to work. We did, however go out for a fantastic meal at Simply Bleu beforehand — I had the best steak ever and with only minimal pain on my part — I haven’t had meat for a couple of weeks, so maybe that’s helped.

I felt bad that it wouldn’t work for him, and now I really hope Future Shop will take it back — they should, but I’m preparing for a fight. Does anyone out there know how to make this product work on an iMac G4?

It was a really nice visit and we had a good talk over dinner. He nearly drove the car off the road when I mentioned “yes I’d like to move out, but it will probably be when Brian and I are ready to move in together”. “What…in the same house?” he inquired. “yes, I’ve realized that separate houses probably isn’t going to happen.

I have been thinking about living with Brian a lot lately, when the time comes, and it always puts a smile on my face and just feels right.

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horseshoe tournament

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My cousin had her 4th annual horseshoe tournament. It was a perfect day and mom and I were on a team as were Kevin and dad — the little bro rocked! He was throwing ringers all day.

Now, I’ve only played horseshoes once before — last year at the tournament, and we fared pretty well, but this year we just missed out on the semi-finals! Kevin and Dad progressed and won third. But then beat every other team that they played. The thirty-year-olds were even requesting him as a partner.

I saw most of the family and very close friends of family (who really are like family anyway) and it was nice to catch up.

They even have an official trophy now, so the stakes are higher — next year we’ll take them down. Haha.

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