please tell mom not to watch the news or read the paper

Posted on August 10, 2006. Filed under: Politics, Travelling |

I assume you’ve heard about the thwarted terrorist plot to blow up planes out of London’s Heathrow.

I flipped on the news this morning and it was the first thing I saw. I listened, panic taking over as I thought about my trip there in 2 weeks. Damn. They’ll still fly there right? All of the flights are currently grounded, and I’ve heard you can’t take anything on board — what am I supposed to hold my wallet and passport in? Can I take a book to read? I was also hoping to take food because I can’t eat any of the airline food due to my stupid dyingness. What am I supposed to do? Starve? I know you can’t take water or any other liquid on board (including toothpaste!). Okay, I’m sure they’ll have water to give out, but I can’t even eat the stupid little crackers or cookies they give out.

Not to mention the fact that now I’m going to worry about my plane being blown to bits. I can’t express how happy I am that they managed to find out the plot before it could be put into action, and that the chances of it actually occurring two weeks later are slim to none.

I also can’t imagine the chaos at the airport — they showed footage this morning and it was insane!

I guess all I can do is hang in there and check with the airline to see what’s allowed and hope that they still want to fly me there in a couple of weeks. My heart has sunk a little at the idea that they won’t. They can’t do that right?


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4 Responses to “please tell mom not to watch the news or read the paper”

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I have the luxury of flying to Chicago this afternoon… “Overjoyed” doesn’t begin to explain the pure excitement that I feel about this upcoming flight. Beyond the inevitable delays, we can’t bring “liquids” in our carry-on baggage… So, that means no toothpaste, no water, no cologne, and so on.

I can’t wait!

Ouch! Good luck! Let me know how it goes. I just emailed my cousin-ish in the UK and he flew out to Oslo last night and is supposed to fly back tomorrow — so he JUST missed the chaos. His family must be freaking out, yet relieved.

I’ll be thinking of ya!

I flew across the US on Friday. No biggie. I was allowed to take food and books, just not water. (!) My dad flies to the UK late this week. I can email you on how it goes. I think it’s the trip back that’s the problem, not the flight over.

Thanks — please do let me know how it goes! It’ll be a big relief if I can take food with me!

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