it could be worse, you could be dead.

Posted on August 10, 2006. Filed under: Politics, Travelling |

With regards to the chaos in London right now, I emailed my cousin-ish (the ish because our Grandmothers were half cousins or something), but he replied saying he had just flow to Oslo last night. Phew. He also sent this little note I thought I’d share:

there was a good quote on the website today from a man asking what he was supposed to do on a 24hour flight to australia without his book? 

I thought he should just be grateful if he takes-off.


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2 Responses to “it could be worse, you could be dead.”

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I’m not due to fly for another month, but it seems that the ban on liquids will be as permanent as the sharp object ban.
I have to take medication in liquid form for pain releif and I can’t get more at my destination.
OK, I can take enough for the flight, but even the tiny amount I am allowed to take on board has to be verified by an airport pharmacist before I can go anywhere. My husband has a bad heart and he says he can’t take the stress and embarrassment of verification by a pharmacist, and the angry passengers being held up by me.
I could put it in the hold, but what chances are there that a glass bottle will arrive intact after going through the tender hands of the baggage handlers?

I plan to ask my doctor to give me my medicine in tablet form, but I doubt that he will do. I’ve been taking this stuff for so long that I’m physically addicted, and I know that one of the lesser effects of not taking it is a resting heart rate of over 120. I’m no youngster, I retire in two years and my husband is over 75.

It does seem that these really were terrorists, and maybe the strict conditions are preventing a bomb. But we’ll never always be able to stop them, they only have to be lucky once, everyone else has to be lucky all the time, and that’s impossible. Now one avenue for terrorism has been made much harder, at the expense of everyone else, I’m sure that if we really do have so many determined and organised terrorists, it’s only a matter of time before they get through.

I do find it interesting that I heard that some countries have no extra security for flights going to the UK. So terrorists would be able to fly to another country, collect their bombs, fly back, and blow the planes up over a UK city.

Some of the precautions seem to go too far, some don’t go far enough, and it all seems to me to be not very well thought out.
If airlines had to supply passenger details before a flight, then the authorities could check for anyone suspiscious and everyone wouldn’t suffer. The way things are, it seems that the terrorists have managed to win a strike against the economy, against our culture, and created both fear and chaos. In other words, in some ways, they have won without killing anyone.
We must fight terrorism, but we must never let the terrorists get the better of us. This si a war and we can’t afford to cower.

It is a nuisance for sure! I’m of the mind that if you’re going to be blown to bits, you’re going to be blown to bits. It’s all chance — same as if you’re going to be in a car accident, or if you’ll never have a day of pain in your entire life. Now, I understand that this is important and that the “terrorist” plot has worked exactly how you say — crippling the economy etc., and it only takes 1 person out there to decide to do something of this magnitude to affect the entire globe.

I hope that you are able to take your medication with you on the plane. You should be able to take it in the checked luggage, just not on board — or if you have a doctor’s note, then it is supposed to be okay.

I’m worried because I don’t have a doctor’s note for my diet, and I don’t know if a naturopathic doctor’s note counts, so I’m still not looking forward to starving on the plane.

In a month’s time it should be fine. I’d imagine they’ll start releasing some of the bans — maybe not the liquids per se, but at least allowing carryons — not everyone can afford to have their laptops tossed into a hold.

I just hope that my flight isn’t cancelled! Delayed I can handle, but I’ve invested far too much into this trip to have it ruined.

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