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on his way

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Brian’s on his way. Has made it as far as Flagstaff 🙂 I so can’t wait for him to be back here!

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it could be worse, you could be dead.

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With regards to the chaos in London right now, I emailed my cousin-ish (the ish because our Grandmothers were half cousins or something), but he replied saying he had just flow to Oslo last night. Phew. He also sent this little note I thought I’d share:

there was a good quote on the website today from a man asking what he was supposed to do on a 24hour flight to australia without his book? 

I thought he should just be grateful if he takes-off.

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candida combat starter info and questions

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I realized people are landing in my blog and seeing one candida post and not looking for others where the questions are answered — here’s a “starter pack” for those of you who are maybe just realizing you have it.

I wrote this email for a friend.

Have a quick read through this and this.

Questions to ask the naturopath tomorrow include:

1. Ask if there is food sensitivity testing available. The one I had
was called koru and it’s really great — it tests the sensitivity
testing for pretty much every kind of food, fruit, vegetable, etc.
2. Ask about getting B12 shots because it will help with the vitamin
deficiency and it will give you more energy.
3. Ask if she can refer you to an osteopath — you likely won’t need a
referral. I wouldn’t try to go for 5 months or so — once the diet
starts to work for you (often this can take 6-8 months, and you’ll
likely be on it for a year or so at the very least — with some foods
you may never be able to reintroduce).
4. Ask about the antibiotics that you are on. These strip your body of
the natural flora and give Candida a larger holding ground.
5. Ask about anti-fungals. Some of the ones I was on included
candicin, statin, fungisode, and homeopathic Candida pellets. Some are
hard on your system (candicin) and you may not be able to handle them
– I had the best results with the homeopathic pellets and the
fungisode – though they were in the later part of treatment.

You should look into yoga – it helps strengthen the digestive tract
and helps with the entire process of getting Candida under control –
massages are also good, as are any treatments that release toxins
(including crying).

If you’re on Alesse – switch – this pill strips your body of b12 and b6.

Diet recaps:
-no sugar (glucose, fructose, limit natural fruits to 2 pieces for
several weeks and then up to 3 — juice counts as 2, no cane juice, no
evaporated cane juice, no raw sugar, even sweeteners you shouldn’t
have too often. Candida thrives on these things)
-no gluten (rice and millet are both gluten free, and quinoa is as
well – even if you can currently have spelt, etc., it is likely that
the Candida will adapt and will start to use these things to survive)
-no dairy (at least from a cow, because it’s hard to digest AND the
lactose is sugar)
-check your vitamins — make SURE there is no sugar, gluten, or dairy
in them — the best brands at home are natural factors and sisu — not
sure if they’re here though. DO NOT buy the store brand, or Centrum,
or cheap brands. The vitamins are derived from chemicals, not natural
-try to find soy products without carrageenan — it might not be
possible, as it is a by-product often in them, but they do exist
-rice syrup is something you can use for baking
-no mushrooms, or anything that is a fungus or is moldy (no
cantaloupe, corn, etc.)
-alcohols – you can drink gin
– crushed fresh garlic is good for you and attacks the Candida as does
lemon juice (learn how to make hummus and have it with rice crackers)
– recipes are on the blog.

There’s a lot more food stuff and tricks, but this will get you started.

Order this book: Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Revised 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Prevention, Treatment & Diet.

It is the bible when it comes to everything you need to know about Candida, how to treat it and what you should do in pretty much any situation. I could not have gotten through this past year of handling candida (and pulling through the other side) without it!

Good luck!

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you can take some stuff, but i’m still going to starve

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Again, let me reiterate, that I’m happy nothing was bombed. And I did find a list of what is allowed:

The Department for Transport said that all cabin baggage would be processed as hold baggage and carried in the holds of aircraft departing UK airports with immediate effect. Passengers were only being allowed to take a limited number of items on board by hand in a single, ideally transparent, plastic carrier bag.

Items that could be taken on board in hand-carried bags included:
· Pocket-sized wallets and purses, plus contents
· Travel documents essential for the journey
· Prescription medicines and medical items sufficient and essential for the flight, except in liquid form unless verified as authentic
· Spectacles and sunglasses, without cases
· Contact lens holders, without bottles of solution
· Baby food, milk (the contents of each bottle had to be tasted by the accompanying passenger) and sanitary items sufficient and essential for those taking an infant on a flight (nappies, wipes, creams and nappy disposal bags)
· Female sanitary items sufficient and essential for the flight, if unboxed (for example, tampons, pads, towels and wipes)
· Tissues (unboxed) and/or handkerchiefs
· Keys (but no electrical key fobs)

So all I’ll be without is food. And I’ll have to really hope that my checked bag gets there — can you imagine the insanity in the luggage department right now. I can only be happy that my flight wasn’t today! Sorry to all of you who did have to get somewhere today. That can’t feel fair.

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please tell mom not to watch the news or read the paper

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I assume you’ve heard about the thwarted terrorist plot to blow up planes out of London’s Heathrow.

I flipped on the news this morning and it was the first thing I saw. I listened, panic taking over as I thought about my trip there in 2 weeks. Damn. They’ll still fly there right? All of the flights are currently grounded, and I’ve heard you can’t take anything on board — what am I supposed to hold my wallet and passport in? Can I take a book to read? I was also hoping to take food because I can’t eat any of the airline food due to my stupid dyingness. What am I supposed to do? Starve? I know you can’t take water or any other liquid on board (including toothpaste!). Okay, I’m sure they’ll have water to give out, but I can’t even eat the stupid little crackers or cookies they give out.

Not to mention the fact that now I’m going to worry about my plane being blown to bits. I can’t express how happy I am that they managed to find out the plot before it could be put into action, and that the chances of it actually occurring two weeks later are slim to none.

I also can’t imagine the chaos at the airport — they showed footage this morning and it was insane!

I guess all I can do is hang in there and check with the airline to see what’s allowed and hope that they still want to fly me there in a couple of weeks. My heart has sunk a little at the idea that they won’t. They can’t do that right?

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it wasn’t me

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I was listening to Street Boys in my car today when it started skipping out of control. I removed the disk and found a large gash in it — I can’t figure out what would have made it, but it looks like someone cut it with a knife or something.

The thing is, it’s from the library and I didn’t do it. It’s frustrating because now I’m going to have to defend myself for something I didn’t do just because someone there didn’t do their job. I’m sure things fall through the cracks, and I’m a bit biased because it used to be my mom’s department at the library until they turned into jerks, and she quit, but I’m anticipating a struggle.

What am I supposed to do? Check every disk before I check it out?

Now, to return it…do I do the honest thing and show them? Do I stick it in the drop box and claim I didn’t get around to listening to it? Do I prepare for battle and recite the fight for not paying anything? Or do I find a replacement?

I think i’m leaning towards battle right now — I was at a good part in the story!

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