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excuse me, do you know how to get to the hospital?

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When I got back to town after my exam last night (which really could have gone either way, but likely more downhill than up), I stopped to get gas and heard a car approach behind me.

I didn’t pay much attention then I heard this voice:

“Excuse me, do you know how to get to the hospital?”

With caution because it is 11 at night and I don’t know this guy, as well as not knowing if they just wanted to go see someone, and still out of it from my exam I point in the direction and tell them where to turn and that then they’ll see the signs.

They then move a kid around my bro’s age from one truck I hadn’t noticed into the one with the guy I’m talking to.

I’m now involved. I ask if they’d like to follow me, but he insists that they’ll be fine. They pull out and I leave after them.

Now I can’t let these people wander around town looking for the hospital with a hurt child, I just can’t, so I get up speed and get in front of them and turn away from home and my much needed bed and lead the way. They get the drift as I start signalling super early at all of the turns and I take them right up to the ER door. I was so nervous that I’d make a wrong turn and lead them astray, because the hospital is in an awkward place — even the parking lot is confusing. Anyway, they got there and I continued on my way home.

Remember when you were little and they taught you to do one good deed a day? (I dont’ remember who they were, but I do remember being informed of this over and over). I’d like to think I filled my quota yesterday.

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