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i often wonder

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I often wonder how I pulled off 2 degrees without really studying. Something I’m not very good at (as you can see as I’m supposed to be doing it right now) and don’t put too much time into.

The last 2 stats exams I made great cheat sheets for, but then didn’t actually use any of the formulas until the moment of needing them in the test. Could be why I only got 70s, but I likely wouldn’t have done any better if I’d studied. Now, with the 50% final looming, I know I should be really paying attention and studying a lot, but I’ve almost finished the cheat sheet (mostly just the same ones I used for the last two tests, so no real work there), and now I’m bored.

I do, however need a 70% on this thing to keep a 70 in the course — 71 actually… so fingers crossed!

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Lord of the Rings, the musical

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I went with the fam and friends to see The Lord of the Rings last night at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. I wasn’t expecting much and didn’t want to see it at all when it first was being developed and talked about, but we had super cheap tickets through work, so I figured “why not?”.

It was incredible! The costumes, sets, use and movement of the stage — such an intricate and technically difficult show to pull off. They did things I’ve never seen in theatre before and the characters were perfect! Some very strong voices, especially the female vocals. I can actually say that I loved it and would urge you to go and see it — even if you haven’t read the books or seen the movies (Gloria hadn’t and she enjoyed it).

The whole production was just so impressive that I really wish it hadn’t recieved the bad publicity that it did — it would be well worth $100 ticket.

On the way home I was flipping through the program and said “I need to start coming to more of these things so that I can realize if I know anyone or have seen anyone before” and then I flipped the page and saw Tyler Murree who I went to Queen’s with. I was quite impressed. And actually the majority of the cast were relatively recent grads — all very young and they did a fantastic job.

If you haven’t seen it, go before it leaves Toronto! It was a full house last night, which is always good to see.

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