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heat wave

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I don’t wanna go out into the 47 degree C heat.

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radio djs

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I hate listening to the radio during my commute, which is why the audio books have come in handy lately. I hate listening to the DJs prattle on about crap. I did listen to  JazzFM for a while and it was quite enjoyable — I found out about the history of Jazz, could listen to the BBC news, and found out about loads of events going on in the city. I can’t handle any other morning personalities. Mix 99.9 recently gave all of their DJs a vacation and so, though the music is just normal radio stuff, nothing extraordinary, I find myself listening to it more because it’s JUST music. I then realized that the plight of the DJ — the talent that used to be an artform is likely disappearing because of digitization. I know I’ll stop listening to the mix when they come back — not a big loss for me, but it was an interesting experiment for them. I wonder how many listeners actually miss the personalities?

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finished the myth of you and me

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I finished listening to The Myth of You and Me this morning on my way to work and it’s a very sweet little story. So many times I wanted to scream at the main character “you are being an idiot! just do it!”. The life lessons are, as always, learned in the end and the way they are learned (through the task given from a deceased friend to the main character, Cameron, to deliver a package to her former best friend) provides a wild goose chase and an engaging storyline. A coming of age story with a twist — the person coming of age is 29, not the typical teenage story. Very cute.

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