a life-changing day a year ago today

Posted on July 30, 2006. Filed under: The boy(s) |

Brian and I first started dating at Queen’s at the beginning of third year until the beginning of fourth year. We then broke up — well, he broke up with me and we didn’t talk much for months and then started to hook up before both leaving for our post-university lives. We stayed in touch through other relationships, living in different places, and I happened to be there coincidentally (back from Vancouver for Christmas I think) when he broke up with his recent girlfriend. Then he stood me up one day, huge — as in left and went to another city and didn’t mention to let me know. And so I thought about it and sent him a one line email to the affect of:

Please do not contact me ever again.


A year passed and he slowly started to email me and I ignored the first few — they were around my birthday when I was working for the evil company and couldn’t believe that he had the odacity to email and to preach the fact that I should be more forgiving (or at least that’s how it came across). I continued to ignore the emails for months and then, upon breaking up with Aron I decided that Brian really was there for me a lot and that we did enjoy each other’s company and so I emailed him back and told him we could email, but not talk on the phone.

Eventually, last summer, a few months after emailing, he was in Toronto and we met up. And all I wanted, more than anything was for him to kiss me. I could feel some sort of electricty as I walked beside him and as we sat in the movie theatre.

He left for Europe, and came back to hang out a few more times and then left for Arizona again.

Then, a year ago today, on his way back he wrote me a beautiful email (though at the time I didn’t believe it) about how he was driving in the wrong direction and loved me.

I, of course, didn’t believe him for months, but really wanted to. And now, it all seems quite romantic. This lead to my first trip to Arizona, our beautiful Christmas together and, eventually to our relationship together.


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3 Responses to “a life-changing day a year ago today”

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oh my god, that is the sweetest thing I ever read. I feel a little “verklempt” I hope he reads this blog!

Aw, thanks Jane — he usually does check in on the blog, so I’m waiting to see if he notices 🙂

I noticed 🙂 What a sweetie 🙂

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