no one seems to be having a good day lately

Posted on July 26, 2006. Filed under: Candida, Family, School, Stats, The Dyingness |

Yesterday I had one of those frustrating, stuck in traffic, try to do my homework and the power goes out so I have to try to do it in the dark, still don’t have time or energy to unpack kind of days.

Today was no different, only I was more tired. Exhausted really and my eyes were burning and my tongue is disgusting. I showed a friend today and she said that she’d never seen anything like it before — and I said “no, neither have the doctors” (enter sarcasm here).

I got my assigment back in class and am no longer brilliant. I didn’t know what I was doing, and only got 50% — haven’t had one of those in ages, but somehow they only come out when math is involved.

I also tried to buy an Airport Card for my mac because now that we’re at the new house we were supposed to be saying goodbye to evil dial up. Well, the G4 iMac only supports the original Airport Card as far as I can tell (not Extreme or Express) and there are some Mac/PC USB drives I could get, but I’m hesitant because they will take up a port….anyway, the Mac guy was helpful at the store and he told me to look on eBay, and so I found one there….though I haven’t bid and I’m not sure that I will. Do you have any suggestions? Any products that you find work well? It’s just an extra frustration that I really don’t need. And I should be doing homework and studying for the test that’s on Thursday — the one that is based on the 50% assignment, but I was just too flustered and my head hurts and I just wanted to not have to use my brain for a little while so instead you get to “listen” to my complaining.

Oh, and since they changed my certificate requirements at Ryerson, I had a look at the changes today — and, though they claim that I can continue with the original program, they eliminated a course from existance…so now I have to find out what to replace it with.

On the bright side, the pain my side wasn’t there today… perhaps it moved to my tongue? Oh, and I just realized that I didn’t make lunch for tomorrow yet. Damn. You know those days when all you want to do is come home and have no one to answer to — just go to your room and do what you’d like…well, today is one of them. I apologize for the incoherent rambling and I’m sure that you really don’t care, but I feel better, so thanks!!


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airport cards on ebay are pretty expensive. If you’re concerned about losing a USB slot, you can always buy a USB hub.

just thought I’d comments since I’m here 😛

Oh vent away my child. It’s better than an ulcer!

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