the brilliance did continue…kind of

Posted on July 20, 2006. Filed under: School, Stats |

Well, I got back an 87.5 % on my second stats assignment, which made me feel smart. Then I got back a 70 on my test — actually 2 marks shy of that (which he failed to add but I got back at the break). Not too bad considering I ran out of time.

The annoying thing is that I KNEW the answers to the question that I was half way through, so the mark isn’t a reflection of my knowledge, it’s a reflection of how I took the test. Fair enough. I just hate when people get all wrapped up in the mark — it’s so arbitrary. It depends on far too many factors to be a true reflection of what you know or what you are capable of. Especially in your undergrad — be sure to care mostly about what you’ve learned or have gotten from a course intellecutally, the marks are fictitious and will fade away with time.

I am still quite proud of myself for these marks though — only a few weeks left of the course — assignment 3 is due tonight then 1 more assignment and 2 more tests to go.

Then 6 more courses to go. Part-time study seems to take SO much longer!


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2 Responses to “the brilliance did continue…kind of”

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ARGH. I can totally relate to the part time study thing. It’s tough!

I find it interesting too, having completed school already (a few times over) that I forget that this class is REALLY important to some people who still have to find jobs or get into more classes that need prerequsites.

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