gin is lethal. i’m up for prohibition…okay, maybe not.

Posted on July 16, 2006. Filed under: Drinking, Family, Friends |

I have always had this problem whilst drinking of not knowing when to stop.


Let me correct that.

I KNOW when to stop. I just don’t stop.

I was feeling fantatic yesterday — my body wasn’t in pain, my b12 shot had kicked in and I had lots of energy. So, since I was feeling great, I then want to behave normally and have a couple of drinks with friends.

I think I had more than a couple.

I think I was more drunk than I realized.

I realized that today, when I was really hung over. Not as bad as the night of the drunken phone call but not good. Especially not good for moving furniture in 36 degree heat.

I was all ready to move things YESTERDAY, but my dad wasn’t up to it, and then today, when I was not up to it, I had to put on a happy face and try hard to not fall over from the pain shooting through my head. My own fault. I will always do what is expected of me if I’m the one who caused the pain. Self inflicted illness does not constitute missing work or missing helping when moving. It’s just my own stupidity I have to deal with.

I say — let’s go back to prohibition days. Haha. Then I’d likely become a bootlegger.


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