wearing makeup at the age of 6?

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A friend just posted about positive body images for women. I think it’s an important piece and I can’t believe that girls who are so young are so concerned with how they look. Where does this come from? We can’t blame the media or the parents entirely — both certainly must be looked at, but some of it must also come from within — comparing yourself to others, competing… Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to wear makeup on a daily basis, but until then it’s still saved for dress up occasions like weddings. I think that this is an important issue and that Diane talks about it in a very eloquent and real manner. Check it out.


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10 Responses to “wearing makeup at the age of 6?”

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Yeah, that’s pretty crazy. On the other hand, here in the US, there is a chain of stores called Club*Libby*Lu* that basically sell makeovers to girls in this age bracket. I find it appalling, and while I agree that the parents have a responsibility to teach kids to love themselves as they are, I also think that the people who work in corporate America should realize that they are creating real problems for those of us who are trying to do just that!

Hey, I saw push up bras in the childrens undie section in on of the largest department stores in America (no names). But hey. Has anyone noticed or read any of the data that verifies that young girls are maturing at an alarmingly early age? It isn’t unheard of for girls under the age of 8 to be devoeloping breasts, body hair and even starting thier mensus. In fact, on occasion, this happens to girl children as young as 3yrs of age. There is speculation that the steroids and other growth hormones in our food products may be the culprit. But, whatever the cause, can you imagine being that young and having to try to cope with all the craziness that goes along with puberty? In today’s society?

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup until I was 16. I wonder if the chemicals have any long-term affects if used on children’s skin. I hadn’t heard of a chain that sells makeovers to girls that age — I don’t know of anything like that in Canada — though I’m sure there must be something in the larger centres like Toronto. Does anyone know?

And push up bras — are you kidding!?! Girls do seem to be developing sooner and look much more mature. The girls in my brother’s grade (8) look older than I do (age 25) in their appearance — not only because of the makeup, but the figures on most of them are very grown up. Do you think there’s any correlation between mothers using birth control for a long period of time beforehand? The food theory sounds like a good one. I couldn’t even imagine — if girls are having their period at the age of 3, then what does that mean for their menopause or for their life span?

We need to slow everything down.

And, as landismom says, we do need to get a message out — but it is still up to the kids and the parents to buy the products.

How else can we promote a positive body image to young girls? and, well, girls and women of any age. Who among us hasn’t worried at some point or another that we didn’t look good enough to go out or to participate in something or other. I’m sure it isn’t a focus for all of us, but even a flitting thought? What if it is an obsession?

Very few people actually take the time to RAISE their children anymore. I do not feel it is a “self-image” problem but a problem stemming from a lack of teaching self-respect and discipline. As a mother of three daughters ages 4, 8, and 16, I am glad I took certain steps to ensure that my daughters had enough strength in themselves to shut out society’s twisted view of reality. First, I took televsion out of our home. I preview every movie before I let them watch it, and I homeschool. Most “teen” magazines are not allowed, etc. You get the idea. I do not want my kids exposed to things they do not understand before they are ready. For girls to learn to act in a provacative manner at such early ages is a result of the degraded view of sex pushes on children. My kidsare taught about the evils of the world without having to experience them either in person or second hand. They are social and pleasant, although not perfect. This is not sheltering, this is teaching self-respect and discipline. Love your children and give them what they need, not what they think they want. Being a good parent is better than being their friend. Protect their innocense at all costs.

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