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Posted on July 6, 2006. Filed under: Friends, School |

As many of you know, I’ve become slightly addicted to the blog, and to the stats it generates — but I’m more addicted when bored and when procrastinating. I should be studying for an upcoming test for my stats course OR at least working on the next assignment…or I guess the readings…but I just don’t want to.

My mind then wandered back to our house at Queen’s and the procrastinating that went on there — a lot of it in fourth year (because we were all so busy with extra-curriculars) took place in the form of snood. It all started when I worked at The Journal because we played it there on press nights while we were waiting on pages. I then brought it home and my housemates all came into my room to play. We had a little competition going — a silent and friendly one, but the high scores were there to be broken. I even remember, months later, when I was back at home and I finally beat Matt I let out a little “YES!” then realized no one was there to share in this triumph. No one who would understand anyway.

Between snood, the novelty in first year of downloading songs (yes, because it was new back then — as was the high speed internet in residence), the occassional drinking binge and then all of the drama we managed to find ourselves in, who had time to do actual work?

All I can say is that it’s a good thing blogs weren’t really in back then — or I would have been addicted and likely would have gotten myself into more trouble than I already did.


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Is there a WordPress plugin for procrastination? It would be soooo cool, it could have dozens of options, even it’s own outbound links panel to timewasting sites like Digg and Facebook. Someone really ought to write it, if it doesn’t exist. I’d do it myself, but I’ve got all these paperclips to unfold…


Get back to work! Writing a blog has got to be the worst way of stopping procrastinating ever.

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