finally — the famous candida-friendly pancakes

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Okay, so the brown rice and cinnamon breakfast is good, but pancakes are even better. To make some that you can actually eat on a candida diet you will need:

1 3/4 cups of brown rice flour
1/4 cup tapioca starch
1 tbsp brown rice syrup
2 cups gluten and sugar free soy milk
3 tbsps grapeseed oil

Mix everything together — add a teaspoon of cinnamon if you’d like and then pour a thin layer on a super hot frying pan (usually at medium-high heat — #8 on my dial) wait for the bubbles to appear and then flip. Makes about 15 or so thin pancakes that you can also use as crepes.

Let me know what you think.


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23 Responses to “finally — the famous candida-friendly pancakes”

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Wow. Thanks for grouping all this Candida info. It’s been an issue for me over the years too. Great stuff and great blog!

Thanks! It’s become something that I’m very passionate about — especially when I hear of other people who have doctors who are idiots like mine were. Have you managed to reintroduce anything into your diet? Or is it still a candida-friendly path for you?

Well as you’ll see from my blog, it’s been an ongoing journey for me too. Right now I’m in food allergy hell, which is essentially a candida diet.

Oh… My… God…
I have had Candida BS for two years, and I have been in and out of so many doctor’s offices it’s not even funny… It never was funny.. Like for you, they never took me seriously…
I have tried so many things over the past two years, (I’ve been vegetarian for 5 of those, and vegan for the past few months)…
I have just recently realized that I need to adhere to a stricter diet if I want to kill Candida… Being vegan, that is very very hard…
I have also read that you can’t have diff. grains or rice, and that you can, so I guess brown rice is alright to eat?
I am taking Acidophilus, and digestive enzymes…
I also read that garlic pills/fresh garlic are an anti-fungal, so I’m going to be all over that….
I am glad to know there are other people out there suffering, and it’s not just me, and not “just in [my] head” 😐

Hey Katt,

You’re right — you do have to restrict more. ESPECIALLY no sugar. Look into anti fungals as well as the acidophilis you’re on. I’ve written more about it here: and lots in the candida tag here:

Garlic is also the way to go for sure — and it’s not just you and it’s not in your head — it’s nice for me to know there are other people out there too! I hope you check back in. I’ve written a lot on the topic and have books listed that you should read as well.

I found your blog when looking for Mountains Beyond Mountains on audiotape.

I found your info on Candida, which I have. Pancake recipe looks great. We have tons in common.

What do you suggest instead of Alesse? I tried a generic, which was sugar-coated, and didn’t do so well on a higher-dosage pill.

Care to trade audiotapes? I’ve got a big collection and would trade a couple for Mountains Beyond Mountains.

Great blog!

Hi Kristin,

It seems like we do have lots in common.

I never thought about there being sugar in the pill — now I’m going to have to check that out. I’m on triphaisal, which I’d like to switch because it’s high in estrogen, but I haven’t found another one that hasn’t messed my body up even more. I constantly toy with the notion of not being on it any more, but I also don’t want any rugrats running around. Look for a brand with low estrogen and you should be okay to go.

I get my audiotapes from the library right now — sorry! Thanks for the offer though! I’ll keep you in mind if I ever get a collection going.

Hi. I am just starting out with this candida thing so i have to go very strict right now i presume. I wouldnt think the tapioca starch or the rice sugar would be acceptable. also, are you familliar with xylitol?

Dana — you’re right. Stay away from these things for at least 3 months (or more) even the artificial sweetners. Though Stevia may be okay — I never tried it. It freaked me out.

[…] NOW….I can make pancakes for dinner tonight with my candida-friendly recipe and I’m very, very excited about […]

I have read that xylitol is the only artificial sweetner (besides stevia) that is allowed on the candida diet because of its strong anti-fungal properties. It is a natural sugar alternative made from birch trees.

Oh, God. Thank you, thank you for a breakfast I can eat on an Anti-Candida diet. I’ve just seen a specialist (after years of being fobbed off by a GP) and hav finally been told I have Candida and need to limit my diet. Having looked at the list of things I can eat I was truly wondering if I’d be able to keep sane without my standard two slices of wholemeal toast in the morning, but hey – pancakes are even better. Love you! x

You are welcome! And, after a long, long time on the diet, you may even be able to put the tiniest bit of 100% pure maple syrup on them 🙂

You’ll find more creative breakfast solutions and rice puffs always work in a pinch 🙂

my teenager has had intestinal surgery, five years ago, and has not been right since! One GI dr after another just shrugged and said ‘sorry about your luck’. Finally, we found Dr. LaValle, at the LaValle Metabolic Institute. Wow! ( She is finally in good hands! We just started treatment, and it promises to be a challenge…feeding a picky eater is bad enough, but getting her to eat foods she doesn’t like! But she craved simple carbs, imagine that!

Here is her supplement list:

L-glutamine – amino acid for mental function, muscle fuel
Beyond C – gentlest of vit c combos, has anti-inflammatory properties
Coral Legend – calcium, magnesium, trace minerals
multi ProBiotic 45 – balances intestinal tract, aids digestion
Pancresea – balances blood sugar, increases muscle, supports protein and SMELLS NASTY! you don’t know what’s in it, but if you were stuck on an island with a dead cow, you would not eat these things!
Cat’s Claw 500 – antioxident, flexibility and digestive aid
Pleo-fort – mucus membrane, skin and intestinal support
Para A – because a long time ago she had giahrdia, this is just in case she has bugs remaining – this is baaaad tasting, yuck.
Naja Tripudians – made from cobra venom, it regulates the heart beats, improves rhythm. We are not to get it on our hands!

We are also having a challenge with protein, being picky and a vegetarian. If ANYONE has any suggestions, I will gladly try them!

Thanks and good luck to you all!

i suffer badly from candida. have for a while now. cant eat fruit, probiotic yoghurt(plain), too much lemon juice, or even sweet veggies like beetroot or carrots i have to watch out for. what really helps me is sticking to my diet religiously and taking a 9-strain probiotic which helps keep candida in check. but i think it does get easier everyday and at least i dont have cancer or aids. goodluck to everyone out there with candida.

brown rice syrup, tapioca starch and brown rice flour are NOT part of a sugar free/carbohydrate free diet, since all of these break down to gycogen or sugar it is the way your body digests these foods(into sugar that is the problem) anything with a gylcemic index is not candida diet friendly! The point is sugar which is what carbs are and why they are a problem is food for candida so as long as you ingest these foods your candida has food to eat, and thrive on. Do more homework on the subject and consult a naturopath instead of layman on the topic.

I never thought that at age 53 I’d be facing this problem, Candida. But looking back over the last 29 years, I now believe I may have been experiencing symptoms I didn’t know about. Alopecia then endometriosis (on my lung) were the start. Diagnosed with hypoglycemia about 17 years ago too. The symptoms that lead me to search on my own for a cure started this past January 09. After being tested to death and being told every thing was fine by doctor’s that don’t give a rat’s behind ( can I say that ?), except of course getting your money in their pockets. I just became my own doctor, so to speak. I’m sorry that there are so many out there with this problem but at least I know I am not imagining my symptoms. I’m actually glad that Candida is (if nothing else ) making me very aware of the crap I was eating before. No wonder American is seeing an ever spiral ling amount of over-weight sick people. We are killing ourselves by our diets and the “powers that be” make their living by keeping us sick. We truly must educate ourselves and be aware of what bills are being passed concerning health care. I am happy I came across your great blog. Thanks

Yikes!? Do I need to eliminate coffee?? That is my main problem. What do I substitute? I am hungry. Don’t have anything but cereal. Have normally skipped breakfast,since I can not eat anything. What about eggs and fungus? I think they make me sick.

Great source of recipes for those that have recurring yeast infection problems.

Keep up the good Work!

Robin E

Hey I am 18 years previous and litrally really need to strip every one of the body fat off my system. I’m heading to Ayia Napa in July, so hopefuly by then I can shift this extra fat.However the factor is, i know what to perform inside the fitness center, thats in no way been a issue. Its foodstuff and portion size that does me in.Can anyone write me a diet approach, exaclty the amound i ought to consume and when and many others. I dont do suppliments like Protein cos i had a negative practical experience with them. So definitely its just plain meals. I dont care how bland it can be, as very long as it does the employment haha

I must agree that these are not candida friendly! I make pancakes with organic coconut flour, milk and oil and they are fantastic. There is nothing in the ingredients that is “questionable” candida foods. I think you are mis-leading people to think it is okay to eat these things! I appreciate the fact you are trying to help, but people with Candida CANNOT EAT ANY FORM OF SUGAR!! Period.

Hi, I also have mine own blog and I would like to write on it what I found on yours. You wrote interesting things and I want to use your words on my blog. Is it posiible? I wish you all the best.

Very good piece! It is concise and to the point and very educational. thank you much for your post!

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