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not such a tongue idiot, and an almost waste of time

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So, the OBGYN that the moronic GI sent me to, sent me to see a dermatologist (because he had as much faith in the tongue idiot as I did). I wasn't expecting much…nothing in fact, especially since my tongue is improving (sans steroids). He didn't know what was on my tongue, and didn't seem particularly worried. Said he could give me mouth wash that could get rid of it for a while (which I had before, and it works because it's an anti-fungal and anti-fungals work on attacking CANDIDA — which is still aparently all in my head, but whatever — stupid doctors.

He did, however look at the random growth on my arm that has been there since I was 16, said "well, it's not cancer," and then sprayed it with freezing stuff to burn it off. Now it's kind of throbbing and burning, and my arm is tingly, but if it makes it fall off, then it wasn't a complete waste of time.

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