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adventures in audio booking

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My foray into audio booking was delayed by one day because I forgot to bring the CDs to my car (I hear it’s helpful to have them with you when you want to listen to them). But, I did remember this afternoon.

Only, either my car or the CD is cursed. The CD wanted to start on track 12, so I scanned ahead to track 1 and started listening. Suddenly, there was a huge leap in the plot…confused, I thought perhaps this was a flashback or flashforward? I decided to perservere. On the next track change, I caught the CD player skipping ahead. It seems to have a mind of its own — track 16, then I put it back to 2, then track 12, then I put it back to 3, track 13, 8, 6, 2….it was never ending. No 2 tracks want to play back to back! I managed to catch it every time a track was over and find the correct one — I’m now officially on track 12…but it’s quite annoying.

My CD player in the winter, however, likes to skip when my car turns a corner or goes over a bump, but never have I experienced track jumping. And I swear, I even checked to see if it was on random! Maybe I’ll have to check that again, just to be on the safe side, because if it was on random selection, then that would have explained my difficulties…unless it’s on that setting without showing RAND in the window…something just for fun with the hot weather. Well, it made me pay attention to the story, which I’m actually getting quite into. Except for the fact that one of the main characters names is Sky and that name has always irked me. Even as a kid. And she’s the annoying obstinate one in the “book” so far too.

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stupid dyingness

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The stupid dyingness is back, though slightly. I had to move my osteopath appointment by a month, and I think the last treatment is wearing off because my side is starting to hurt again 😦

Of course, this has to happen right before I'm about to go visit Brian 😦 I'm not impressed, but am hoping it's just for today (and yesterday) and that it will pass.

Stupid remission or something.

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i’m sure there’s a word for it

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I was just updating something quarterly and wanted to do something else 3 times a year — is there a term for that? We couldn't figure one out…

Tricely? No
Thricely? No
Trimester? No
Tertiarily? No
Triceritops? No

What about twice a year?

Halfly? No
Twicely? No
Bi-annually? No, that would be every other year…

Again, I'm sure these words must exist, but we couldn't think of what they were. Any help out there?

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4 more sleeps

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I leave for Arizona on Friday and I’m starting to get a bit excited. Now, if you know me, you know that excitement is quite rare and it usually doesn’t occur (at least not until the moment that the event is actually going to happen). I’m certain it’s some avoiding disappointment by not getting your hopes up sort of ploy, but things do usually work out in the end.

Anyway, I’m very glad that I’ll be able to see Brian, especially now that he’s staying there for a lot longer than originally anticipated. We just amalgamated our calendars in google and, quite frankly, when he’s back here I doubt we’ll see each other much more than we do now. Maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but let’s just say we’re both well-rounded individuals and will be quite busy individually, so maybe not being together has been good training for not being able to see each other more when we’re both in the same(ish) city. I mean, I think everything will be fine, but again, I’ll revert back to my earlier statement about holding back excitement and expectations until the last second. Apparently I have some issues (but at least I acknowledge and accept them — who needs to change? Ha!).

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