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Queen’s Players in Toronto and OCSI

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I took NinaDiva to experience Queen's Players last night. This season's show was The OCSI: Toronto. The shows include a cabaret style comedy with a loose mystery plot and the first half is always hilarious. By the second half most of the cast (and audience) are drunk and, as such, you can't really expect much of the second half. I did realize last night that, while the shows in Toronto are great and it's fun to see everyone I know who is involved, we are getting a bit old. The music director is now a doctor in the ER, the producer apparently is now an architect (guess all those years of building sets paid off), and while it is fun to relive old times, I think it's good that the shows are going from twice a year to once a year.

The current players from Queen's were also there. Now, the origins of the Queen's players date back to 1900, but the shows have adapted with the times significantly. The rules have remained the same for quite some time…the players drink on stage (and were given drinks by the audience until this time around (a smart move), whenever you hear a title of a song, the audience yells "sing!" and if someone messes up, you point out how "seemless" it was.

The young players were quite rowdy and drunk, which is what it is all about, but they were obnoxious. I take it down to the mere fact that they weren't the centre of attention (as most drama personalities are wont to be) and had to ensure that people knew of their presence. The onstage players were being nice, but were getting quite annoyed with them.

All in all, it was a good production, quite funny, and my friend Dave's band, Red Zeppelin were awesome. They have a show coming up on the 22nd, so check it out if you get a chance. The voices were very strong last night too. The only problem was that the show was nearly 4 hours long! WAY too long.

We also recieved updates on the Edmonton game, which we won 4-0! That got the crowd going.

All in all, a fun night, a good production, and a nice check point to the realization of oldness.

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