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downward dog and headup cat?

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Wow — I’m actually getting pretty good at this yoga thing. And it’s a much better work out than I thought it would be — way better than the abuse my body took with those kickboxing classes back in highschool. I was feeling all earthy afterwards, so I took my new shopping bag and filled it up with most of the ingredients to make the dinner I had at Fresh the other night. My friend let me borrow their cookbook (I promise I’ll copy the recipes soon!) and I’m going to attempt to make the Thai noodle dish — but you kind of need to make 3 different recipes (marinated tofu steak, the noodle dish, and a sauce), so it requires a lot of ingredients that I don’t already have. I trust it will be worth it though. I may also splurge and make a gluten-sugar-dairy-free chocolate cake tomorrow — oh yes, it can be done! I was quite happy with myself and always feel good about the healthy food things in my shopping basket. It’s odd, because for those of you who have known me for quite some time I ate anything — anything deep fried, kraft easy mac, good ol’ grilled cheese, and now, even if I could return to eating these things I really don’t think I could stomach the thought. I wish I could go back to Bamfield with this knowledge. Though that island trip was fun (and interesting), I could have learned a lot from the people living there.

Okay, so I’ve got some time…let’s recap the trip. It actually kind of started way back while I was still at Queen’s. In fourth year, I applied to my Masters and went out to Vancover to see the place. While there, I ventured over to Victoria to visit a friend from highschool. I stayed in the hostel at Yates Street and absolutely fell in love with the city (I wished I could commute from there to Vancouver, and if I owned a ski-plane, I probably could have made that work…but alas…). So I met up with Matt and his sister and their friends at a bar. We played pool and had a great time. I had a little crush on my friend Matt’s friend Matt (confusing, I know). Anyway, nothing happens, but he did walk me back to my hostel, then I went back to Ontario, and we emailed periodically.

Fast forward to living in Vancouver a year later. The crush Matt arrives in Vancouver, we go to see Craig Cardiff play and he stays for the weekend (and I do remember he was quite digusted by the contents of my fridge, though polite about it). We went to see Noam Chomsky speak and I remember sharing a bus on the way back home with a kid who was dressed as a super-hero and was quite precocious (and destined to become pretensious). Again, Matt leaves and we decide to go visit our friend Matt at some point — and I actually call him on this plan and so we go.

Fast forward to the trip. I finish up my classes and head off to the island. I realize on bus number 2 that I have locked my keys in my house (the door locked behind you when you left). Crap. I decide not to worry because there’s not much I can do about it anyway. I visit my good friend Dustin for a few days. Then Matt comes and picks me up. It was a bit weird, as he started the day off by saying he had a girlfriend (when, quite honestly I don’t think he did and I’m more of a just tell me straight up because I’m sure as hell going to tell you straight up kind of person), so the tone of the trip was a bit awkward (plus I wasn’t interested and was leaving anyway — all a bit odd). We take off, up to Bamfield.

Bamfield is GORGEOUS! You have to row across the bay to get to the other side of the village. How cool is that? Matt and I spent a day roaming on a beach that was straight out of a Group of Seven painting. We looked at little ecosystems in tide pools and had a great time. Back at the cannery (where they lived), I was amazed at the fact that they made EVERYTHING from scratch. I didn’t understand how that worked…but thought it was quite a romantic idea and decided to become a bit more like that. It didn’t happen (well, not until 3 years later when I was forced to). I was inspired by them to create. To make things and to knit and to play music — I also got a guitar shortly thereafter, but can’t play because my fingers aren’t strong enough and my hands are too small — I’ll have to keep working on that (baby steps).

Anyway, we left a couple of days later and I saw my old housemate Melanie in Cobble Hill. She was amazed that I had 10 days worth of stuff in one shoulder bag. From one world of serenity back to the real world of chicken fingers and fries. Yum!

A day later, I hopped on a bus back to Victoria and met up with Cameron and Dustin (both from Queen’s). It was Cameron’s birthday thereabouts and we all went out for dinner — then up at 6 am to catch the ferry back to Vancouver.

All that, from a night of yoga, a new recipe, candida, and a shopping bag. Gotta love random association.

Oh, and I managed to break in to my house when I got back to Vancouver — in case you were worried 😉

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