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b12 shots coming around

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I've gone two weeks without a b12 shot and I'm just starting to feel it now. It used to be a lot worse if I didn't get one every week, but I think I'm finally starting to retain the vitamins. Yay! Last time, however, I did go three weeks, and my organs felt like they were decaying, as did my tongue and throat. Not fun. I could barely keep my eyes open and couldn't focus at all. Now, I'm just a bit tired, but everything else seems to be on the up and up. Can't wait to have another shot tomorrow though, and I'll have to drink lots of water all day, which really should be easier than it is — I mean if you go out drinking it's easy to drink way more alcohol than the daily quota of water you're supposed to have (what is it 8 glasses?). There just seems to be a block in my mind when it comes to water. I'm working on it though — nalgene in hand (ignoring the potential harm from estrogen in plastic for now…).

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a nice dinner and surprise — what a perfect night

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I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen in ages for dinner tonight. We went to Fresh by Juice for Life, which actually has yummy food that I can eat. If you’re on any kind of restrictive diet you should totally check it out! We had a great time catching up and then walked around Honest Ed’s to look around and to a cafe for tea and dessert. Very fun! Then I got home and there was a huge parcel waiting for me from Brian. It had a really cool and totally me-esque shopping bag in it — so I don’t have to get plastic bags all of the time. It’s woven and has all different shades of pinkish dots on a beige-ish background. The shopping bag is associated with a charity for Free Trade called World of Good. Check them out if you have a chance because they look like a pretty cool organization and the product is also quite neat. It was overflowing with yummy candida-friendly snacks and LOTS of yummy sugar free chocolate! Yay! I’ve been craving chocolate all day! Thanks honey!

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