i swear to god, i’m really not an idiot

Posted on June 10, 2006. Filed under: Books |

Yesterday kicked off Book Expo, which is my favourite time of year — it’s like my Christmas. Anyway, we were in the panel sessions all day yesterday — which were all right and well organized, but nothing overly exciting came of them. I did run into Craig and John, who were my profs at SFU. John and I have an annual date every Book Expo for dinner or lunch and it’s actually for tonight, but we typically end up hanging out for the entire weekend, which is a lot of fun. Yesterday, after the sessions, there was a “networking session” at which I couldn’t drink anything because there wasn’t any gin (damn candida — though I’ve felt really great the last few days, so I probably shouldn’t tamper with that anyway). Anyway, the McClelland & Stewart 100 year anniversary party was last night, so we went and grabbed dinner and headed over. Here’s where the first stupid thing of the night occurs.

I was trying to find parking and wasn’t paying attention AT ALL. I then realize there’s a girl crossing the street, but I’m still driving (and looking for parking) and say:

“Hmmm…why is she crossing the street? Oh, because it’s a red light”.


I ran a red light.

AND there was a cop RIGHT there coming the other way. I figured he would pull me over, but phew, he continued on his way. Already feeling like an idiot, we finally find parking, pay, and enter the party. The first person we see was Margaret Atwood, which was pretty cool. Peter C. Newman was also there, among other M&S authors and media figures. It was a huge bash and a lot of fun. The band started up at around 9:30, and besides the fact that it’s really quite difficult to dance to The Rolling Stones, we held our own. The party was in The Distillery District, which is a very cool area of Toronto. It was quite fitting, as Jack McClelland was known for his love of Scotch. I couldn’t drink again, but it was entertaining watching everyone else become slightly intoxicated.

Then, as we were leaving, stupid driving move number 2 occured. I drove up Parliament to Bloor and you couldn’t turn left. Now, normally, when you can’t turn left, there’s no real reason, and so you turn left anyway. But, I quickly learned the reason why this time — there were arrows indicating that you must turn right, but I ignored them and turned left — then heard honking, because the Eastbound lane was turning left at the same time I was trying to. Freakin’ hell, such an idiot. It also doesn’t help that I can’t really see that well anymore when I drive at night because of the glasses. I’m going to have to reconsider the ocular implants.

All in all, and despite feeling like an idiot and wanting to wear a shirt that says “no really, I’m smart”, it was a fantastic start to my favourite weekend of the year.


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