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you know when it’s just one of those days?

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Okay, so today wasn’t bad at all. I slept in until 7:00 — which is 40 minutes late! Oops! I turned my alarm off after hitting snooze twice and then just didn’t wake up. Luckily I was only 10 minutes late, but the day was a comedy of errors. Nothing too terrible, just things not quite working right. Or fun things like realizing that when my computer crashed yesterday, the file I was working on might not have saved, and all of my deleted emails automatically empty when the computer is turned off, so I couldn’t recompile the list that also may not have saved. I nearly had a heart attack. Honestly. Panic was rising up from my heart and my stomach felt like it had dropped out of my body. My friend showed me where temporary files should be — but no, nothing there. I searched the local drive and thank goodness — it was there — a recovery file! Yikes! Don’t those usually appear automatically at the side when you open the new version of word? Well it didn’t. I’m actually impressed with myself and the sheer volume of stuff I’ve pulled off in the past couple of days. Give me a pat on the very tense back. When I got home, I wanted to make some good old fashioned rice bread, so I cleaned out the bread machine, poured in the ingredients…and then…what’s this? The little plastic mixer (that always seems to cook into the bread anyway) was still on the counter. Damn. I pushed it on through the dough — fingers crossed that the loaf turns out, but I don’t have very high hopes. It was just a day of little mistakes or things just not quite working out exactly as they should. Good thing I have a massage next week, maybe that will work out all of the kinks.

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a scream, a finger, and a ziploc bag

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First of all, I can’t believe this happened. Secondly, you simply must read about what happened to a friend of mine. It’s kind of funny, and not all at the same time.

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summer of sarah harmer

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I just heard Sarah Harmer’s song Don’t Get Your Back Up and it instantly took me back to the summer I spent in Kingston. That was my first time living completely on my own as my housemates had left. The house was so hot, no air conditioning, and I had to convince my evil landlord to pry off the turn of the century storm windows so I could breathe (he wasn’t going to).

I spent most of that summer either at work (I had 3 different positions at the same company — QTS — 2 supervisory position and a manager position). I was there usually from 8:30 am until 10:30 pm every day, including Sunday nights and would go out with everyone after work for drinks most nights.

Any time not at work was spent on my sloping, rickety front porch. I would pull two turquoise and stainless steel 50s kitchen table chairs out, prop my feet up on one and sit back with a book and listen to CDs, and there was a lot of playing Sarah Harmer over and over and over. Well, it also happened to be the summer that Cameron graduated and was travelling around the UK, so a lot of Sarah Harmer songs fit my mood. More fit my mood when I met Brian and also learned that Cameron was moving to Saudi Arabia.

It was probably one of the best summers of my life, being all alone, and so incredibly independent and balancing work, friends, love interests, sanity.

The sanity, however soon disappeared with the summer. My housemates returned, much to my dismay. It was nice to see them and I love them dearly, but I was so used to having my house to myself. I quit my job, both because I knew I was going to have a lot of emotional stress on my shoulders shortly, and because I would be Brian’s ex-girlfriend’s supervisor and I didn’t really think that was a good idea (I worked with and knew her first, and though we were never really friends, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to be in a position of authority over her). Brian and I had been hanging out a lot, but he knew about Cameron and I wasn’t about to cheat on anyone. So the sanity disappeared further when Cameron came back for a while before moving to Saudi for good. We officially broke up, but I wasn’t quite ready to be with Brian yet either, though I did want to try.

It all exploded on my birthday when, at the QP, I was incredibly intoxicated and at the end of the night it was just Cameron, Brian and I left. Oh dear. I believe the conversation went like this:

C — Brian’s a nice guy, when I’m gone, you guys should hook up.
Me — Um, what if I told you we already kind of had?
C (slightly shocked) — Oh, well, that would be great!

The boys then went off to have a “talk”.

Yikes — in retrospect, I probably could have handled that a lot better. We all look back on that night now and it’s definitely up there as one of the most memorable. Dear Brent was also there, and remembers the tears, I’m sure. There were so many tears.

The perfect, idealistic summer turned into the stage and platform for what would be a tumultuous, but memorable year. Including highlights such as Cameron falling asleep at the wheel, and driving to Ottawa to get him (he’s lucky he walked out of that sucker), then his leaving for Saudi, a trip to England and to PEI with Brian, and the break up.

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