more candida advice and lessons learned

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Molly M. left a comment here that I actually wanted to post to instead of just comment to and it’s about candida.

Here’s my response to her, but I thought that if anyone else is wondering the same things about candida then you can pretend the response is to you too :). Here goes:

Isn’t it interesting that your doctors also seem to think you’re crazy. I get very upset that doctors don’t seem to want to acknowledge the existence of candida; the reason being, of course, that it doesn’t show up on tests. Doctors are trained to read tests and very few in my experience go beyond that. Then there are people like my GI who think that it’s all “hocus pocus”.

Trust me, you are not crazy.

As for the diet, it is hard at the beginning to adapt to, but I’ve now been on it for 9 months and aside from the fact that I’m running out of ideas of what to eat, it’s really not that hard after a while, especially when the consequences could be extreme pain (or more severe conditions or diseases). You’re probably experiencing headaches and extreme cravings as your body goes through withdrawal (especially from the sugar), but the thing is that the cravings will go away. Completely. It’s actually the candida that’s doing the craving, not you. As soon as you start to keep it at bay, you start to not crave things that are sugary or gluteny.

You will also start to get better at listening to your body. Chances are you’ve known that something is wrong for a while, but you might have ignored it, or just thought you needed to exercise or eat a bit better, but now, if I mess up and have the slightest amount of sugar in a sauce then I can feel the candida ravishing the sugar and my throat and side start to hurt. You’ll become more aware and sensitive to these things. As for the fruit, I’d cut it out completely for at least 2 weeks and then cut it to 2 servings a day (though juice counts as those 2 servings). I was back up to three servings after about 6 months.

You’re also right, you do need anti-fungals as well. There are a variety of these available to you, but some are stronger than others and your body may not be able to handle them all. I would advise getting food sensitivity testing done at a naturopath if you can (koru is the name of the equipment and process that does this). They can test candida treatments and see which ones your body can tolerate and can also test the level of candida in your body, and the foods that you need to stay away from. Even though candida is a general condition, it behaves differently in everyone. So, some people may be able to eat certain things while others cannot. That being said, do not eat anything raw or fungusy (including cantelopes, corn and mushrooms — nothing moldy at all). Do not eat gluten or sugar or dairy (though you may be able to tolerate goat dairy). Also, read ingredients in everything closely — no glucose, fructose, cane juice etc. No form of sugar at all and pretty much every product has some form of sugar in it. Even if it’s way down on the list of ingredients, just put it back. Grocery shopping will be difficult to begin with, but you’ll get better at it and will also get excited when you do find something that you can actually eat!

The anti-fungals will also have to change frequently. Candida is smart and it adapts quickly. At first I just couldn’t eat wheat, but it only took a week or two for the candida to adapt and try to survive on all gluten products (so I had to cut out spelt, kamut, etc.)

El peto has a line of candida-friendly breads and pizza crusts. I’m not sure where you live, but they are a Canadian line. I’ve found a lot more options are available in the Western and South-westen states as well.

Another important thing to take for at least 6 months is L. Asodophilis. This reintroduces the natural flora that is missing (because of the candida) into your stomach. At first I could actually feel the culture in this pill and the candida battling it out in my intestines. Crazy feeling, but you know it’s working for the first few weeks.

Take vitamins. B complex, a multi-vitamin, and Calcium with magnesium to supplement everything you’re cutting out. Do not buy the crap brand name or jamieson products or anything that isn’t all natural as these have by-products and potential harmful chemicals in them for candida-ridden people. Make sure the vitamins are gluten, sugar, and dairy free. Natural Factor and SISU are two good brands.

Massage therapy and osteopathy are also very good to help get rid of candida. If you have these covered, I’d give them a shot.

There aren’t too many books out there on this, but the bible is called Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Revised 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Prevention, Treatment & Diet by Jeanne Marie Martin. I have also listed some more books here.

As for more breakfast ideas — I have a great recipe for pancakes that I’ll post soon! Hang in there and feel free to ask any more questions that you may have. Good luck!

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I’m wondering if you experienced any Candida Overkill symptoms and what you did to offset them. I can tell when the ovekill is getting me. My eyes burn, sinuses flair up and my ears itch like crazy. It’s driving me crazy! I get a colonic once a week and try to sweat as much as possible (saunas, hot baths) and occasionally do a BioCleanse foot treatment. Any other ideas???

Thanks, Tracy

This is the first I’ve heard of the term candida overkill — but the symptoms you describe are definitely not new to me. When I start to feel like the candida is flaring up I pop an L asodophilis pill or two for a few days and make sure to take my anti-fungals, plus cutting out ALL sugar (even complex ones) and not letting anything accidentally slip in… Really, it’s all about the food and how candida responds to it. How does the sauna work out for you? Do you do yoga?

Hi – thanks for you blog! I’ve been on the regime for two months (Nistatin and Tinnalbit and Probiotics) I have multiple other food allergies (milk, soy, eggs) Not much left to eat! I’ve lost about 12 lbs in 2 months! I’ve been slipping up lately, cuz I felt good at first. So now I don’t feel good again.

So, I can eat some fruit? I’ve been off of it for 2 months…but I’m still having symptoms.. burping, pain in stomach, like a nawing, burning sensation always. Plus a lump in my throat…. anyone else have that? However, I’ve totally been cheating with sugar the last two weeks….

You can have 2 pieces of fruit for the first 6 months or so and then up it to 3 — provided that your body is up for it. It doesn’t work AT ALL if you cheat with other sugars though. Try to stay away from cane juice, sugar, molasses, honey, etc. If you need to bake, Rice Syrup is something you can use and it works quite well.

hi sandy,
i was reading all this great information – thank you doth. and read yours – your symptoms are excactly what i am going through. i hate the burping, lump in the throat etc. i feel bloated and have a ringing in my ears too. i know this is candida. im sorry you are suffering with this but its comforting to know that i am not alone or crazy. i have been talking to a naturalpathic doctor and his guess was candida. the diet is hard to figure out and that is where i am now – trying to figure it out. so, any recipes would be great – i cant wait to try the rice and cinnamon for breakfast.

Hi Amy,

The diet takes a long, long time to figure out. But you will. I have loads of recipes on the blog too. Have a look around 🙂

(There’s even one for chocolate cake!)

Hi there. I’ve just been recommended a candida diet by my homeopath, just this morning I was looking for something to substitute my coffee cravings, I found a carob drink – it has malt in it – is malt a form of sugar?

malt is a form of sugar

try to find a dandelion hot drink or bamboo coffee

I don’t know if malt is a form of sugar, but some carob has gluten in it — so check with the manufacturer.

Hi There… I came across your site while fiendishly searching for candida friendly recipes. It still blows me away to find more and moer people suffering from this affliction who have also been told they were crazy by their so called ‘medical proffessionals’. Over the past year I began having severe digestive issues which floored me until i was bed ridden. I was sent to specialists who shoved cameras down my throat and up my backside, filled me with radiation, pin pricked, peed in cups galore, and then told that there was nothing wrong with me. Well actually they said IBS which means, according to them, live with it cause its never going away. My own family doctor of over 20 years told me that I needed to go on anti-depressents because it was all in my head and there was nothing physically wrong with me. I truly thought i was losing my freakin’ mind! My own friends and family could not believe that the top gastroenterologist in Toronto was wrong. The problem was not with my head but rather in western medicines methodology.
I finally went to see a naturopath, and I am not being dramatic when I say that he has saved my life. I have been off work for almost a year and unable to apply for any help without some sort of diagnosis from an M.D. My naturopath immediately diagnosed Candidiasis and put me on a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet and 1 month in, I fell human for the first time in a year. I had just found out that I am pregnant a few days before I first saw my naturopath, so that means I have to be even more careful with getting enough nutrients and balancing my diet without encouraging the yeast.
I am so thankful for any mentions of candida as it reinforces that not only is it real, but that it can be devastating when overlooked by those you go to for help. Just reading about others with this condition helps me to feel mentally stable again. I sent a bunch of links to my former doctors and ‘friends’ that didn’t believe how bad it had become. I hope it might open their eyes a little.
Thank you for writing and the more people who speak out about their experiences, the fewer in the future who will suffer so much.
I found a great website for recipes at
tons of stuff to eat that tastes great even for others in the household not on the diet.
I am starting to experiment in the kitchen and i suggest finding as many recipes as you can for things to freeze or can be made easily in very little time. I love to cook but being preggers I am eating 5 – 8 times a day and cooking every meal gets a little trying.
If any body else is going through this in a pregnancy I would love to hear from them as I can not find any resources or others who are having this added worry.
Thanks again

Hi LexiBaz,

Thanks so much for sharing your story as well. I am sorry that you have experienced the same thing that I did, and felt the same frustrations, and I’m glad that you have come out the other side and are able to start beating the candida back! Please come often as I post recipes quite often and other frustrations I have felt along the way. I am now such an advocate of alternative medicines and hear, time and time again, not only with candida, but with several other conditions that doctors either aren’t listening or they are too blindsided by their form of science to take anything else seriously.

I had thought about what I might do if I had been pregnant while on this diet, or if the pregnancy might have made the candida go away — so I’m interested in what you will learn about it and I hope you’ll come back and share.

Good luck! Hang in there! It will all eventually pay off.

Hello fellow Candida sufferers,
I was dx’d with candida in June of 2006. I am currently on caprylic acid alternating with garlic and nystatin. I have experienced “die off” taking these drugs. I battle with rashes , joint pain, insomia, bloating, dry hair etc. The hardest part of the treatment is finding good accessible food. I have a hardtime eating during the day and it seems that I end up eating the samething over and over(brown rice,garlic, and lettuce w/ lemon. I eat hormone free chicken,salmon etc.
I take probiotics, digestive enzymes, vit C powder, multivitamins. Most days I feel good. I do yoga and weight training. On cold snowy/rainy days I really feel like blah.
I am trying to find good snack ideas and ways to deal with the rashes and dry hair. My doc has me off of sugar(of course) , gluten and dairy.Any suggestions?


Many live cultured foods like kim chi, sour kraut, beet kvass, ect not only spice up the diet but also rebuild the digestion fighting candida and give you alot of energy. I like millet with kim chi, also you can make a delicious quinoi tabbouleh.
as for rashes the skin lungs and bowel(as well as bladder) are the bodies eliminatory organs. If you see a rash on the skin you can cleans more through the others like drinking plenty of clean water taking enemas, colonics or fiber and laxatives (enzymatic therapies simple cleans is good or try cascara segrada) anouther good tool is take blood cleansing herbs like burdock or yellow dock. a combo is good. Burdock all ways clears up my skin almost immediately, also chlorophyll tablets not liquid will move through the gut cleansing and oxygenating and can help
there is conflicting info about live apple cider vinegar. In general vinegar is bad for candida, some say live apple cider vinegar is ok. I like this blended with extra virgin organic olive oil and garlic for a yummy dressing on salad.

p.s with the dry hair one tact is I would make sure you are getting the healthy oils. You can add good quality cold pressed coconut oil to the diet.(I think the nutiva brand tastes really good) It helps kill Candida as well as supplying good fats to the body.(as a matter of fact Caprylic acid is a medium chain fatty acid that comes from coconut I believe)

one last p.s. I like to make pancakes allot. I use ground up nuts, a little flax meal, and allot of egg which is delicious good for you and helps it all rise and stick together.sometimes leavening and salt also. I use a natural alcohol free maple flavoring I get at the health food store (it does have a little glycerin in it) or cinnamon or pumpkin pie spices…

Hi Janet,

There are lots of recipes that I’ve posted here: and there are quite a few different candida cookbooks that you can use as resources. I’ll post a special blog post with a list shortly for you to have a look at — and I know that these books helped me out. Snacks are hard. In the meantime find some rice crackers and rice cakes — if you can tolerate peanut butter, then that’s always yummy or goat cheese (if you can tolerate it) and that always fills the gap. Or cashews as well. For the hair — B12 is my recommendation. And stay away from that sugar!

I am also detoxing for Candida, and I am in my 3rd week. I have been researching everthing esp. recipes because of the sugar cravings! I read that peanut butter is not that great because of the mold in peanuts. If you can try Almond butter (it’s really yummy!) It contains Vitamin E which should help with dry hair. Also, it curbs my sugar cravings if I have some on a rice cake!
I am experimenting with Stevia now, and I am not having much luck. I ordered the Stevia Cookbook but I am still waiting (impatiently) for it to arrive!
Also, I was reading in the comments how someone came down with Sinusitis, because 2 days ago, I came down with it too. My doctor laughed when I told him about Candida detox. So I didn’t get the antibiotic he prescribed, instead I am taking Echinacea and Goldenseal along with Colloidal Silver.

great treatments for sinusitis; take that colloidal silver and use it in a neti pot with salt water as a nasal wash, also internally the Vita-biotic by eclectic institute is amazing to use as alternative to antibiotics, with high doses of zinc and vitamin A it helps heal and strengthen the nasal membranes an their defense as well as with garlic echinachea and other stuff to kill the infection. Bromelain can really help inflimation and symptoms and also vit c

Hey Holly — I’ve now officially been on this diet for 16 months straight. No cheating so far, and I can now reintroduce some sugar (which I have been doing in the form of Pad Thai), but I will definitely never eat refined sugar again!

Cashew butter is also yummy and don’t worry, the sugar cravings will disappear shortly (so long as you have NO sugar, not even fruit).

Try rice syrup instead of Stevia. It’s light, yummy, and you should be able to tolerate it without it affecting the candida.

My several doctors (who couldnt’ figure out what was wrong with me) also laugh at the idea of the candida diet (one even said “but, that’s really restrictive…you can’t even shop at a normal store…” and I said “ya, no kidding”) BUT I cannot deny the fact that I’m feeling WAY better — though it took about a year of the diet.

Hang in there and good luck. Visit often — I post lots of candida info on here.

Pad Thia is made with refined sugar in most instances so you are eating refined sugar with it and rice syrup is sugar and does make most people with Candida sick. If you dont have it that bad you may tolerate these or you may for a while as the candida happily feeds before you realize you have a new resurgence of overgrowth on your hands. Dont mean to discourage, hope you are feeling well!

Hi, i cannot believe my luck coming across this site, for a couple of years now i have suffered with vaginal itching, in Aug 2006 i had a stressful time (teaching) and all of a sudden my system went crazy, abdominal bloating, uncontrollable burping, chest and back pain, my doctor diagnosed me with gastric acid reflux for which he gave me dinexan which helped for 2 weeks, then i discovered becoming allergic to all yeast and wheat products, i cut out all sugars, tea, coffee etc, started taking probiotics and colon cleansing now and again, my body seemed to be coming right when in Dec was given antibiotics for tooth problem and since then i feel i am back to square 1, i have had all kinds of blood tests, scopes, ultra sounds, xrays which have all come back negative, doctors all telling me that there’s nothing wrong with me and so to know there are other people out there with similar symptoms you cannot believe how comforting that is, because i know i am not imagining what is happening to me, so i can’t be crazy, thank you for making this site available

Thanks for visiting Sharon. There are a lot of people out there with candida who go unnoticed because the doctors refuse to believe that it exists. I know exactly how you feel. It took me a year and a half before I found anyone who would listen, as I continued to get sick.

Please check back regularly as I post info about candida, recipes and frustrations dealing with it regularly.

Good luck and hang in there!

Instead of peanut butter (I’ve heard that peanuts are problematic for many reasons, including being carcinogenic!) I recommend tehina and I have a recipe for it on my blog ( It is better than peanut butter and I’ve been having it every morning for breakfast on 2-3 rice cakes. I’m on this anti-Candida diet for 3 weeks so far, and need to be on the particularly rigorous phase of it for 4 months….at least. It’s rough going, but I’m losing weight!

Doth, I agree with you that there are undoubtedly many who have Candida but are unaware.


hi. i had food sensitivity done in late december and was found to be sensitive to baker’s and brewer’s yeast, sugar cane, wheat, oats, white potatoes, pinto & kidney beans, tomatoes, and radishes.

i’ll be retested in a year and expect some of these will have gone away, and some will be lifelong.

based on the particular sensitivities, my chiropractor recommended candida testing. turned out i was “weakly positive”.

i’ve followed the food sensitivity diet for 3 months and a candida diet for 2 months. i feel better than ever. my digestive problems have cleared up, and i have more energy. i feel it quickly if i slip up. i take candex and make young coconut kefir to drink, both daily.

my question is, do people ever get off the candida diet and not have to be careful? i’m reading about people on the candida diet for a year or several years. can anyone share their experience of ending the strict diet but keeping candida in balance?

I found your site while looking for Naturopaths/Homeopaths that do the Koru testing. People who have Crohns or Colitis can benifit greatly from food sensitivity testing. I also had problems with the attitude of Doctors and them only masking the symptoms and not agreeing with Naturopaths. People with Crohns and Colitis can also benifit from a Candida diet as we often can’t have wheat(gluten) or dairy. I use to live in Ontario, Canada and used El Peto products, I now live in B.C and am looking to find Naturopaths that use Koru so I can get the word out and help people. Thanks for the recipies.

Hey Tera. I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of naturopaths or Koru out in BC…Unfortunately, I lived in Vancouver just prior to exploring all of this candida craziness, or I would definitely direct you to someone. If you find someone and can check back in it would be great if you could post where others can go in your area. Good luck!

Can someone tell me the status of sugar substitutes
such as Maltitol or Xylitol? Do they also feed the candida? Thanks

Hi Peter. If you’re in the early stages of the diet definitely stay away from these — and everyone really should stay away from these all of time, but they are bound to sneak in. For example, I have this chocolate that has maltitol in it but I sneak the odd piece because you’ve got to have chocolate right? But be forewarned that any of the “itols” tend to also act as laxatives, so ingest them sparingly to save yourself any embarrassment or discomfort!

Doth…Thank you for the info. on the “itol’s.”

I have been on a special diet and multiple antifungals for over a year. Eveytime I go off of either the candida seesm to reoccur. I am intrigued by two products I have seen on the web. Does anyone know anything about the efficacy
“Threelac” or another called “candidol?” many thaks

If you have a field full of weeds and you kill off 99% of the weeds the field looks better but if you stop killing the weeds they will regrow and take back over the whole field. You have to put an alternative viable ecosystem in place to combat and prevent the weeds from taking back over. In your body that translates to acidophilus and other desireable bacteria. Threelac is a good product. It is also useful to incorporate into your diet live cultured foods such as suar kraut and kim chi. The book the body ecology diet may a be useful tool. In our culture we eat allot of “dead” foods before pasteurization and refrigeration people got lots of good bacteria by the way the fermented and preserved their foods as well as through raw milk.
good luck

p.s. Nutritional healing is also a good book with lots of good info on nutrition and some good fermented recipies

Have you heard of a product called Threelac? I read about it on this website ( and a few others. Not sure if it’s for real or not.


I second that, I was skeptical but I found the threelac to be wonderful

hi, Just found your site, looking for recipe ideas for the candida diet. I saw the question about ThreeLac, and I have to share that it was wonderful. I would still be on it, but I didn’t realize just how serious they were about NO SUGAR, so although I was starting to feeling better, things suddenly got much worse. After a month on this candida diet, I want to go back to the ThreeLac.

Does ThreeLac have sugar in it? Or did you just sneak some sugar into your diet? Yep — the NO sugar thing really means none 🙂 It’s a tough one to figure out! Sugar is in EVERYTHING — even in odd things that you wouldn’t expect — like salt!

I feel completely overwhelmed by sugar. I
went through my refrigerator last night and
found that almost every condiment and sauce –
salad dressing, ketchup, tomato sauce, salsa,
and even chicken broth! – had sugar in it! And
a lot of this stuff I buy at Whole Foods. Does
anyone know of any companies that make sugar
free, gluten free condiments and sauces? Thanks.

You can definitely find natural mustard and possibly ketchup — but the best thing for the early weeks (especially the first 6 weeks or so) is to have things as plain as plain can be. Have you checked out the candida bible yet?

It’s definitely a MUST buy.

More books here:

and here:

The more seriously you take this diet, the better you will start to feel.

Oh, and stay clear of sushi too — the rice is loaded with sugar!

Another great book is The Body Ecology Diet
It tells not just what is bad to eat but what is good to eat to rebuild a healthy bacterial system in your digestion so its not just an endless cycle of restricted foods, going off your diet, feeling bad , staring again…Ive had people who have been struggling for years tell me “I feel like I have a whole new digestive system!”
after using the book

Thank you so much for starting this blog, I am in the process of learning more about this and its so confusing. I am on day 2 of the diet, no one told me about cane juice so I was happily drinking some soy milk that someone told me about. I quickly put that down. Thanks for the advice!

I’m on day 2 of a sugar free diet and have started taking threelac. I need some advice. As I haven’t been diagnosed by a professional do you think I should? I have a lot of the symptoms. Also I read somewhere that butter is ok so I have been having that on ryvita for breakfast, but a lot of people are saying avoid dairy. This is really confusing. I thought that by taking threelac, this whole process might take about 2 months….?
Thanks for advice

try using coconut oil/butter – I have just discovered it recently and it is spectacular! I use it to butter my rare piece of spelt bread and to cook/bake with.

Julia. It’s likely you will have to avoid dairy for sure. You should get food sensitivity testing and candida testing done (it’s called koru testing) by a naturopath. It will likely take at least a year to get rid of candida (if that’s what you have), not two months — especially if you don’t know what you should and shouldn’t eat. Go seek professional help — if not only for candida then because you could have something else wrong.

Hi there
Thank you for a great blog
I’ve suffered from candida symptoms for 12-15 years and was diagnosed 3 years ago. I immediately cut sugar, wheat and milk from my diet and lost 14kg in one month! After that the weight stabilized and my symptoms also got more stable. Before I would have days where I could’nt stand up straight for dizzyness and would not be able to remember even the simples things. But the Candida did not go away by changing diet alone. During the last 2 years I have been on and of candida cures with Nystatin, Fluconazol etc. I have had all my amalgam fillings removed and done a subsecuent heavy metal detox using DMSA but all to no avail.
I’m just running out of Nystatin (4th time) and are considering firing my practitioner and go on a “formula 722”-cure on my own.
Lessons learned I could share are:
Sugar free does not mean candida safe, sorbitol, maltitol etc still feeds the candida. Xylitol however does not but is extremely expensive. Aspartame and other full synthetic sweeteners are also “candida safe” but should be avoided for other reasons.
100% pure licorice inhibits oral thrush and tastes great.
Going off wheat and using spelt instead is good, but candida adapts and will learn to feed on this as well even if it grows much slower.
The only commonly available snack I’ve found not to cause problems is popcorn.

Something to consider I don’t know if you are doing is either colonics or coffee enimas followed by acidophilus enema. the idea of this freaks some people out but consider, most of the infection is in the colon. as you kill the yeasts the poisons sit in your gut and are reabsorbed by your body making you even sicker on an already
heavily taxed body. Anouther not as effective but useful if you wont do the other option is a fiber laxitive type supplement that moves the toxins out of the body. The one I think works the best is by the company enzymatic therapy. The one I like is called simple cleanse. It combines a magnesium capsule wich draws water into the bowel and a fiber capsule to clean and push through

Hello there..I am new to this Candida diet, I started just a week ago, and am feeling terrible! My stomach is constantly upset, I am sensitive to even the smallest smells, my head is constantly hurting, I can’t sleep but am exhausted. I am just hoping that I will get better and not worse, these comments are very encouraging! I have been sick almost constantly the past 3 years, after I developed mono I came down with terrible seasonal allergies and this is when my body began to break down from all of the antibiotics I was taking for sinus infections. Little did I know at this point I was only hurting myself. I have learned that despite western medical doctor’s best efforts, I am not the crazy hypocondriact my doctors have hinted at. I have scored off the charts on all candida testing and am excited to find a reason for my ailment. I have been diligent in my eating and suppliment intake and am hoping to return to my exercising once I am no longer feeling so poorly.

So my questions are, is it normal to feel so awful this first week and will I feel better?

Is extreme weight loss normal? I have lost 8lbs in 5 days, which is always welcomed,however I know how unhealthy it is.

Thanks for the support!!


where did you get the information that candida eats gluten? I have done research on candida for years and have never heard this. Candida eats the sugar that is created when breads are broken down (all things you eat even vegetables are broken down into sugars) but eating bread does not directly feed candida like eating sugar does.. is there a study or website you can reference this?

WOW – that is pretty comprehensive- but hits the nail on the head.

Hi Benjamin,

If you have been doing research on Candida for years, you must have learned that there are different strains and that it behaves differently in different people/hosts. It is also highly adaptable. So for example, when I started to cut out sugar, dairy (because of the lactose, which is sugar)and wheat I ate other gluten-laden breads like spelt and kamut. It took about 2 weeks for the candida to adapt and to start to like the gluten in order to try to stay alive. It is documented and is very common to not be able to have gluten if you are also a candida-sufferer.

Best of luck in your research!

I wonder if the Candida was breaking down the carbohydrates in the other grains the same way it does in wheat rather than the gluten.Lots of people develop gluten and other allergies in conjunction with Candida because of developing leaky gut syndrome, or increased gut permeability. for one thing I understand the Candida can grow tendrils through the gut walls, also, just a degredated gut condition in general due to the condition resulting imbalence and malnutrition that go along with it.
just something to consider

I’m wondering if anyone can answer Nikki’s
question from August 18 (how long do these
withdrawl symptoms last for?) and Mary’s
from April 5th (is it possible to be “cured”
by the Candida diet and not have to be super
careful with my diet for the rest of my life?)

I don’t think I have Candida as badly as most
other sufferers but I have just found out
I have food sensitivies to yeast, milk products
and sugar. My naturopath recommend I try the
Candida diet for a month or so. From reading
all the comments here however it sounds like
once I start cutting these foods out of my
life I can never go back to them without having
crazy reactions! I am having major withdrawl
and it is affecting my work. I’m just not sure
if it’s worth it or not, and if the withdrawl
and future reactions (basically, it seems like
I am creating an intolerance in my body to these
foods)is worse than the mild symptoms I
started with.

It is possible to be cured but doesn’t happen often. There are two reasons. 1) You have to focus on rebuilding the system that was lost or never present. A healthy bacterial ecosystem in the body. There is very little information about this available to people so its not often done.
2)The modern diet is full of “poisons” to the body , that along with overuse of antibiotics is what got you to where you are today, so yes, if you go back to that same program you will recreate the same problem!:)

Hi Stephanie,

By withdrawal I assume you mean cravings and headaches and things? If you stay strict (and I mean STRICT) to the no gluten, sugar or dairy diet the headaches will be severe the first day or two and will then disappear. The cravings hang on a little longer — but really it’s the candida craving it, not you, but after a while you won’t want any of these foods either. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve now been gluten, sugar and dairy free since Sept 2005 and trust me — it’s worth it. I feel better hands down (but had severe candida). The risk you run of not trying to starve it out now, if you caught it early, is that it will advance (it’s very aggressive) and then you will wish you had at least done a cleanse for a month instead of the horrible alternative. If you have candida though, it won’t be gone in a month — most people need to restrict for a year. Good luck and trust me, you can do it. There are tons of recipes out there and you’ll find some different favourite foods.

Can anyone offer advice to someone who is suffering from recurrent yeast infections due to antibiotic use? I felt fine before I had some dental work done, however I had to take three courses of amoxcicilin within a 6 week period in Oct and Nov 07 and got a vag. yeast infection each time. After I was done with the antibiotics, I got five more within three months. I’m now battling the 8th infection and started the candida diet four days ago. The good news is each infection seems to be milder than the last, so I think I’ll eventually be successful at getting rid of the yeast overgrowth.

I’m sure I don’t have a systemic yeast infection, so my question is how long should I stay on the diet? I’m aiming for 2 months.

Thank you for all of this helpful information. Does anyone know if Ezekiel cereal is safe? It’s made of sprouted grains, so supposedly has no gluton or flour in it.

yes! I am here looking for the same answer concerning ezekiel cereal (and bread) I would love to have some if I can…

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed with Candida about 5 weeks ago, I went on a confused diet for about 2 weeks then became very strict after reading more information. When I started the diet immediately got rid of all my skin rashes and started to feel better right away. However the exterior vaginal and rectal itching/burning increased tremendously. My doctor recommended that I insert a probiotic vaginally and it did help for 1 day and then came right back. My diet is pretty strict with eating salads for breakfast/lunch/dinner and having the rice cereal for breakfast with 1cup unsweetend yogurt for lunch/raw nuts that I roast myself from the freezer, a new dinner with either turkey/chicken/bison or some other lean meat every night. I Usually have Dr. Mercola’s protien shake that is made with stevia and xylitol. pretty tasty. However nothing seems to change the vaginal discomfort. Does anyone know if this is typical of die off or is there something else I need to change in my diet that I have not discovered. It is hard to detect because it is ongoing. Thanks for any advise,


It can be typical die off. In Chinese medicine they say rashes can be good because it shows the disease or poison moving from the inside to the outside of the body as it leaves. Still you want to help this leaving process happen as quickly and painlessly as possible. for an itchy outer vagina I recommend take tea tree oil on a tissue and thoroughly wipe the entire area. This usually works. also This has happened to me when I took anti fungals (caprylic acid) in the past wich did greatly relieve the internal yeasts so for me it was a step on the way to getting better. I dont know if it is for you but i would recomend trying the tea tree oil. it can sting for a minute on the anus but it seems to resolve the problem.

It’s great finding these comments on a problem that I have been working on for over 20 years. I was dxd with Candida back in the mid-80s, and if you think they are callling you crazy now, you should have been back in the “dark ages” dealing with it. I am working on it – again – and will probably always have to work on it. It is possible to stay on the diet for good without any mess-ups – but it is more realistic to assume that you will stray, as long as you remember that you need to get back to the serious work of healing it again. Oh, and this time my husband is also on it. You know, you do pass it back and forth to your intimate loved one. Maybe I will always have to watch my diet, but aren’t there plenty of other things that we have to take care of in order to take care of ourselves? If we feel we are doing too much and we get tired, don’t we have to slow it down a bit, maybe even take a vacation? How is this so different? DON’T GIVE UP!! It’s worth the fight to keep your health!!

im trying the candida diet
no human can do this
any recipes

hi! i have an 8 year old on the very restricted candida diet. i am very confused about the carbs and need help. she is detoxing and whiny, wants to eat anything. i have been working steadily at having a “menu” posted daily, but it’s getting old fast. i need some breakfast “kid” ideas, and i also would like to talk to somebody about the carb thing. she is taking a very good antifungal from our homeopathic dr.

I have been on a diet for 6 weeks now..i ned help with liver detox..What antifungal are good???does anyone does colon cleanser?
does anyone is on BED diet?

don’t know if you still need advice. Caprylic acid antifungal available through health food channels no need of perscription. Thysilyn by natures way excellent milk thistle product for liver or get a cleanse from enzymatic therapy they have one that has fiber, laxative, and a liver cleanse all in one box I believe

I have candida really bad however it has become enormously better in the last 2 months. I have researched over the last 9 months and tried everything as my symptoms were uncontrollable itching, weight gain, leaky gut, nervous system mood changes and anxiety plus more. This is what I have taken and continue too and it is working. Cell Food 3 times, daily, threelac probiotics, oregano oil internally(all daily) dead sea salt bath 3 times weekly and I eat only foods for my blood type (HUGE) I do not itch anymore, I sleep normally at night, I am not irritable or no anxiety and have lost 30 pounds. It take at least a year to fully be rid of the yeast of candida if you really stick to a plan. Your diet and what foods you eat is huge.

Hey Maria,

What is Cell Food?


Hello. I’m a 62 year old woman who has been suffering with yeast probs for years, and finally decided to give the Candida diet a try.
I will go shopping today. It’s Day 1 for me. I hope to follow along with your blog, needing all the help I can get. Fortunately, I have a new neighbour who is developing gluten-free food products, and used to work with the Natura people. I’ll talk to her; she is totally non-pushy and a trained accupuncturist.
Have you tried accupuncture for candida?
I appreciate all your help you are so generously offering. It is very kind of you.

Hello everyone.
I’m in the UK and i’m 26. I’ve had problems with my health since i was about 9-10years old and they just got worse and worse. I had 4 operations on my feet during my teenage years and had glandular fever when i was 15. all of these resulted in the GPs (doctors) putting me on antiobiotics constantly.

I cut out dairy 3 years ago because i knew that was causing a problem. but i was still ill. Then i went for a colonic last year and the therapist made me fill out a questionnaire.
Thats when the word Candida first entered my vocabulary. I didn’t understand it and the factsheet the lady gave me wasn’t enough to make me realise how serious this is.
A year on and i am seeing a homeopathic doctor who tested me for various allergies and has put me on some medication and one of the rememdies is for Candida. I thought – i’d best research this now.

Its day 7 of the diet for me. I found an excellent book in my local health food shop – “cooking without” by Barbara Cousins.
I allow myself a green apple every other day but am thinking i may cut this out too for a while. tonight i have laid on my bed massaging and holding my bloated cramping painful stomach and reading every inch of this blog for support.
If anyone wants to talk or is feeling crappy – email me; I’m feeling awful and “why me” today.

Helen. xxx

dont know if you are still feeling bad. when your gut feels so crappy like that from die of or overgrowth move stuff on through with a coffee enema, colonic, or an herbal bowel cleanser. (The enzymatic therapy simple cleans works well) dont keep the poison in reabsorbing it and suffering. I took threelac and it gave me gas for one night while cleansing then kept me really regular and free of the symptoms you describe. I was also doing other things as well though

what do you suggest for breakfast starting out. I’ve done the candida diet b/f, it’s a challenge. starting over. actually going vegan style so can’t do eggs. not sure if it’s okay to start off with the pancakes you mention. Let me know what you did the first couple of weeks. Thanks so much! HK

my fav breakfast –
Rice flakes, creamed coconut & soya milk & dessicated coconut.
melt the creamed coconut (a generous blob) in a saucepan with some soya milk (or other dairy alternative milk), then when thats melted add some rice flakes ( i found rice and buckwheat flakes in my local sainsburys and i love this).
Stir in the flakes with the milk and add more milk as and when needed (you need to cook the flakes for at least 3-4minutes and sometimes this can boil the milk dry so just add more when it gets too lumpy… i never measure. then add the descicated coconut and keep stirring until its cooked for those 3-4 minutes.
if you can handle sweetcorn – add some of this in too.

tis yummy if you like coconut which i do – and coconut is great for candida sufferers!

Can you use Xylitol as a sweeter?

I know the other alcohol sugars like maltitol no, but I keep hearing yes on zylitol? I haven’t found any definitive info yet but I am looking too. I know it was originally from birch bark. The emerald valley brand I think still is and now many companies make it from corn. I am more suspicious of the corn derived xylitol because with inulin the corn derived is a shorter chain sugar wich is bad for candida while the original was a longer chain, (or so I am told). One thing to keep in mind is that It is chemically processed and that leaves harmful chemical residue in the food product. (just like many protien powders) I understand there is anouther way to process it (like with protien powder it can be enzymatically processed) but I dont know if that is on the market yet.

I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I
have just recently started the diet and it’s
quite the challenge. I fell off the wagon over
the Christmas holidays and I’m finding it
extremely difficult to get back on. However,
having just found your blog, I feel that it
is going to be extremely helpful, so thank you!
I had one question for you (for now), I was
wondering if you’ve had a hard time explaining
this to people and getting them to agree with
what you are doing. It’s been extremely
difficult to explain the disease to people
and that the only way to treat it is
by a very restrictive diet.
Thank you.

hi thanks for all the comments and replys posted and to read about other peoples symptoms that i also have and did not attribute to candida.I have just started embarking on the candida diet and found this blog very helpful.

Hi again gould you please tell me when you take nystatin with probotics as i have been told two different theorys one is to take nysat 4x day and probotic at night and the other nystat 4x day x5 days and probotic other 2 days
thanks darrin nz

What a wonderful blog you have! I just stumbled upon it on a google search and will continue to keep reading more of all these posts and terrific information. The typical American diet has made us a mess. I developed a horrible breast yeast infection after having my baby and breastfeeding. The drs. and even a lactation consultant seemed pretty ignorant about how to treat it. The infection was so bad that I could hardly even put on clothes and leave the house due to immense pain in/on my nipples. Thank god for the internet- I found out so much more about what to do to help cure the infection (such as Pat Gima’s breast yeast infection treatment plan) and have totally changed the way I eat: no more fast food, frozen food, processed foods, cheese, cookies, Starbucks drinks, etc. It’s a bummer to no longer be able to hang out at cafes indulging my sweet tooth, or eat pizza, but it’s for the better in the long run and I have lost the pregnancy pounds really quickly eating lots of vegetables and freshly prepared, homecooked meals. Xylitol has been great too, for a little bit of sweetness in my diet. It has also been quite costly- the Nature’s Way Primadophilus and Kyolic garlic capsules cost about $25 or more per bottle, and I continue to take 100mg Diflucan daily. This has been a horrible, depressing condition but luckily after 4 months of hell, things are looking up. More people, esp. women who breastfeed, need to be educated about how to treat these yeast infections.

I have moderate to severe Candida and was wondering weather I could eat brown rice, soy, and oatmeal. The books and websites seem to contradict each other. some say that you are able to, while others say not to. I was also wondering if anyone else had either post nasal drip or bad breath as a symptom. This is a very helpful blog. Good to know that I am no alone.

yes, i think you can but only in small quantities. of course it depends on your own sensitivities. i read on a couple of candida blogs that you should not have more than 15 grams of carbs per meal. that works out to maybe only 1/4 cup of oatmeal.

Can anyone tell me if plain all natural Chobani Greek yogurt is ok to eat. I’m confused b/c some sites say you can eat yogurt b/c of the live cultures and others say no.

To those on the diet 6 months or more, are you able to eat fruit and whole grains no problem?
If one cleanses, kills and diets perfect fro long enough can one recover and be able to eat any sweets or wine again with out it coming back?
Ive been battle it for 6 years, I diet take the antifungals and probitoics in 2-3 month I feel great in about 4-6 its ravaging me again, so now my doc has me on a long term treatment plan whihc Ive never done, but none can tell me if I always have to stay on a 100% sugar free diet.

hi everyone… just wondering has anyone else experienced a break out of a rash on treating the candida?? I started treating for candida when my lecturer in college said i should due to all my food intolerances!…. but after 4 days or so, i started breaking out in this rash, now its spreading more and more after almost 3 wks on the diet! i am very disciplined with my diet and eating all the right foods and taking an anti-fungal and also grapefruit seed extract plus a HCL and pepsin supplement.

Has anyone else experienced this?? I went to my GP and he said he doesn’t know what it is.

I don’t know what your rash looks like but I have had skin breakout of various kind. Some were pimple like, a small number of them were nasty boil like, some appeared as bumps under the skin only to disappear after a few days, while a few others were round quarter size rashes that itch for a few day. I believe these have all been all signs that the body is working at purging toxins from the body.

I recently had a colonic done, and saw the candida for my self! I also had tonnes of undigested food in my gut- heaven for the candida! The hydrotherapist also got me to go on bentonite and caprylic acid (which are both worth Googling!)

Coconut oil, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, Tibetan milk mushroom kefir (yogurt drink) fight candida. Standard Process has great organic supplements to fight candida. Try 1-2 table spoons of coconut oil a day. Don’t overdo it though: the die off can be too rapid. I ate an extra couple of spoons once and had fever and blacked out (as in falling to the floor and almost passing out). So it really works. Raw sauerkraut and and other unpasturized fermented veggies have been great, too. If you eat cheese, make it raw. Traider Joe’s has raw cheese for a resonable price.

My programmer is trying to persuade me to move to .net from PHP.
I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.
But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on a number
of websites for about a year and am anxious about switching to another platform.
I have heard excellent things about blogengine.

net. Is there a way I can import all my wordpress content into it?
Any kind of help would be really appreciated!

I could not resist commenting. Perfectly

Where did you actually end up getting the points to compose ““more candida advice and
lessons learned | Friends Keep Saying I Should Blog…”?
Thanks ,Alberta

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