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beat 100 views!

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I just crept over 100 visits for the day — my first time getting over 100 visits…currently at 101 and counting. As this is on GMT, the “day” will be over soon, but it’s exciting nevertheless for my stats-crazed self. Yay! Crack open the gin and perrier and lets celebrate (okay, maybe I won’t go that far, but it’s still pretty fun).

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crime spree over world cup…in a way

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The May 20th issue of The Economist had a news brief that stated:

“Some 150 people were killed, a quarter of them policemen, after a criminal gang, based in the prison system launched attacks on police stations, buses and bank brances in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. the gang’s leaders opposed thier imminent transfer to a maximum security jail, and wanted televisions to watch the soccer World Cup.”

Wow. 150 people already dead over a soccer game. Of course that’s not all that’s behind it, once you read the larger article at the back of the magazine — gang wars, prison politics etc, but the tipping point seems to be the TVs and moving certain people to another prison where they won’t have access during the upcoming insanity of the World Cup. Very sad reality.

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more candida advice and lessons learned

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Molly M. left a comment here that I actually wanted to post to instead of just comment to and it’s about candida.

Here’s my response to her, but I thought that if anyone else is wondering the same things about candida then you can pretend the response is to you too :). Here goes:

Isn’t it interesting that your doctors also seem to think you’re crazy. I get very upset that doctors don’t seem to want to acknowledge the existence of candida; the reason being, of course, that it doesn’t show up on tests. Doctors are trained to read tests and very few in my experience go beyond that. Then there are people like my GI who think that it’s all “hocus pocus”.

Trust me, you are not crazy.

As for the diet, it is hard at the beginning to adapt to, but I’ve now been on it for 9 months and aside from the fact that I’m running out of ideas of what to eat, it’s really not that hard after a while, especially when the consequences could be extreme pain (or more severe conditions or diseases). You’re probably experiencing headaches and extreme cravings as your body goes through withdrawal (especially from the sugar), but the thing is that the cravings will go away. Completely. It’s actually the candida that’s doing the craving, not you. As soon as you start to keep it at bay, you start to not crave things that are sugary or gluteny.

You will also start to get better at listening to your body. Chances are you’ve known that something is wrong for a while, but you might have ignored it, or just thought you needed to exercise or eat a bit better, but now, if I mess up and have the slightest amount of sugar in a sauce then I can feel the candida ravishing the sugar and my throat and side start to hurt. You’ll become more aware and sensitive to these things. As for the fruit, I’d cut it out completely for at least 2 weeks and then cut it to 2 servings a day (though juice counts as those 2 servings). I was back up to three servings after about 6 months.

You’re also right, you do need anti-fungals as well. There are a variety of these available to you, but some are stronger than others and your body may not be able to handle them all. I would advise getting food sensitivity testing done at a naturopath if you can (koru is the name of the equipment and process that does this). They can test candida treatments and see which ones your body can tolerate and can also test the level of candida in your body, and the foods that you need to stay away from. Even though candida is a general condition, it behaves differently in everyone. So, some people may be able to eat certain things while others cannot. That being said, do not eat anything raw or fungusy (including cantelopes, corn and mushrooms — nothing moldy at all). Do not eat gluten or sugar or dairy (though you may be able to tolerate goat dairy). Also, read ingredients in everything closely — no glucose, fructose, cane juice etc. No form of sugar at all and pretty much every product has some form of sugar in it. Even if it’s way down on the list of ingredients, just put it back. Grocery shopping will be difficult to begin with, but you’ll get better at it and will also get excited when you do find something that you can actually eat!

The anti-fungals will also have to change frequently. Candida is smart and it adapts quickly. At first I just couldn’t eat wheat, but it only took a week or two for the candida to adapt and try to survive on all gluten products (so I had to cut out spelt, kamut, etc.)

El peto has a line of candida-friendly breads and pizza crusts. I’m not sure where you live, but they are a Canadian line. I’ve found a lot more options are available in the Western and South-westen states as well.

Another important thing to take for at least 6 months is L. Asodophilis. This reintroduces the natural flora that is missing (because of the candida) into your stomach. At first I could actually feel the culture in this pill and the candida battling it out in my intestines. Crazy feeling, but you know it’s working for the first few weeks.

Take vitamins. B complex, a multi-vitamin, and Calcium with magnesium to supplement everything you’re cutting out. Do not buy the crap brand name or jamieson products or anything that isn’t all natural as these have by-products and potential harmful chemicals in them for candida-ridden people. Make sure the vitamins are gluten, sugar, and dairy free. Natural Factor and SISU are two good brands.

Massage therapy and osteopathy are also very good to help get rid of candida. If you have these covered, I’d give them a shot.

There aren’t too many books out there on this, but the bible is called Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Revised 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Prevention, Treatment & Diet by Jeanne Marie Martin. I have also listed some more books here.

As for more breakfast ideas — I have a great recipe for pancakes that I’ll post soon! Hang in there and feel free to ask any more questions that you may have. Good luck!

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spelling bee

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The cute little Canadian girl from Alberta came in second at the Scribner's spelling bee. Pretty cool! I was watching it for a while and I certainly couldn't spell the majority of the championship words (or the words from the 2 rounds before). It made me think of the parts of Bee Season by Myla Goldberg that I liked. I thought the first half of that book was very good, but the second half was definitely a stretch — too much quasi-forced-trying-to-hard symbolism for me. But, if we're judging books by their covers, then the cover is pretty cool, at least the cover of the original, not the movie poster cover (and I heard the movie wasn't all that great either).

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