i forgot to mention

Posted on May 31, 2006. Filed under: Friends |

One highlight of the night last night was that all of the customized awards are made in the little village I grew up in and live in. They had a little video clip explaining the creation of the glass awards and the artist and they mentioned The Glen! I’m definitely a Glen girl through and through (right Kendell? you are too for sure).

When we were younger, we used to climb up on top of the roof of the school in The Glen. Now, to do this, you had to balance your one foot on a slender pipe, while leaping with the other to gain a footing on the window sill of the girls bathroom. Then suck up the pain as you grabbed onto the steel cover they put up (to try to prevent people from going up on the roof). The hoist yourself up. Well, we did this a few times when we were in middle school, and then one night we just couldn’t do it very well. So, I had the brilliant idea of throwing Kendell’s sandal up onto the roof, because then we definitely had to go up there to get it. I can still vividly picture the entire scene and her look of disbelief as I tossed the shoe.

It gets better, because I suddenly really had to go pee. So, we walked (her with only one shoe) over to the park so I could use the bathroom. After the bladder was empty, we returned to get the shoe (by now I was starting to feel a bit guilty and wondered if perhaps we may not be able to get get it back).

Success. We made it. Carved our names in the metal and marvelled at how cool it was up there, trying to be all badass and rebellious.


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i love it…
i will never forget it either..and as hard as it may be, i really think that we should do it again…oh, how those were the days, i miss them so!

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