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CNMA awards

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I went to the Canadian New Media Awards last night and it was a lot of fun, though a late night. I realized that I didn't really know too many of the companies who were up for awards — which I should perhaps remedy if I want to work in the industry…hehe.

I love going to these sorts of functions, but I realized last night that I just don't have the same energy and gumption to meet a whole bunch of new people. I really enjoy networking and meeting new people, but I know that I don't do it as soon as I have people to talk to. This used to be quite different. At university, I'd go out with a few people and then end up talking to several other groups of people and often not leaving with whomever I went with. Thinking back, perhaps this could have been perceived as mean? I think that's why I like traveling by myself, because I do a lot more and meet way more people. As soon as I'm travelling with one other person, I don't meet a soul.

Don't get me wrong, I had a fantastic time with the girls I went with. We had a lovely candida-friendly meal before venturing off to the Carlu and had a really good time together — and, despite waiting for a cab forever, the cab ride itself was fun. Maybe now it's different because I'm in good company to begin with, so I don't want to meander away to find anyone else to talk to… Hmmmm… that could be it. But still, I'll have to work back to mini-go-meet-people ventures where I go by myself from time to time.

Another advantage of going with people is that often they won't want to talk to someone, so I'll go do it instead. This happened quite often at school as well, and I got an almost sort of rush of being able to just approach and talk to anyone. I'll have to redevelop that skill; I'm out of practice.

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