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what a long weekend (literally)

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The May 2-4 weekend seems to have more significance now than just finding somewhere to drink. Now, I was actually happy to not be hungover this weekend after the wedding. It was honestly the best feeling ever. It was, however jam-packed and exhausting. Brian flew in on Thursday and we saw The Da Vinci Code on Friday morning, then went out for lunch, and continued to my house to get ready to leave for St. Catharines. We made it down to the hotel relatively quickly, and tried to get some sleep before the wedding. On Sunday, after breakfast, we packed up and returned home in time to make dinner and get ready to go back out for my cousin's 19th birthday (we took him to the bar at midnight for his first legal drink — my aunt even took a picture of him purchasing said drink). Keep in mind, we were on no sleep whatsoever for a few days and managed to stay at the bar until 1 am and then to sleep before 3. The weekend continued on Monday with yard work and then dinner at Brian's brother's place. I rolled into bed last night at around 11:30 and now have to get up earlier for our summer hours at work (which is a nice deal, but earlier wasn't what I wanted to think about last night). The fantastic thing is that a year ago there is no way I would have been able to crawl through this weekend, so it's a definite indicator that the dyingness is on the mend and perhaps I'm absorbing those great little things they call nutrients and vitamens again!

It was one of the best, and most memorable long weekends (in a long tradition of long weekends).

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i liked it… a lot

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I saw the Da Vinci Code on Friday morning and I actually really liked it a lot. Pay no attention to the critics, just go and see for yourself. It's a decent and entertaining movie and has the potential to be quite thought provoking. Have you seen it yet? Did you like it? Did you like the book better?

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no wedding is complete without paradise by the dashboard lights

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The wedding weekend was fantastic. Now the countdown is over and the newlyweds are on a 2 week vacation (well-deserved).

Brian and I ended up going to St. Catharine's on Friday with the plan of not having to get up early to get there in time for the wedding on Saturday. It was a perfect plan. The best part was in the morning, as we were laying in bed and I heard a few voices that I recognized. The girls were getting their hair and makeup done at the hotel and the entire floor was filled with wedding guests. That was a nice added bonus.

But, of course I couldn't sleep at all and looked like hell (why does that always happen when you want to look spectacular?). I put on my dress (which I adore) and it practically fell off of me because of all the weight I've lost due to the dyingness. Have no fear, however, I managed to safety pin the straps to one another, turn the top into a halter-like thing and the dress magically fit perfectly again. And, after the make-up (which I never, ever wear) seeped into my pores, the bags under my eyes disappeared. The best part of getting ready on top of the dress and face not working was the hair. I had wanted to curl it, but you see, I didn't own a curling iron. So, I picked one up the night before thinking "how hard could it be?".

Let me tell you — it is damn hard.

I managed to make three curl-like things in my hair and then had to brush them all out. I really wasn't cut out to be girly, but sometimes wish I had the basic skills down.

Off to the church we went. The Christian Reform Church — which I'd never been in before, but was interested to see what the ceremony consisted of. It was beautiful — Carolyn looked absolutely stunning as did the bridesmaids. I managed to only tear up when her dad was walking her down the aisle, and it was cute when she told him he had to go slower.

Four of us then found some lunch out on a patio and then ventured to the reception. The two guys at our table were about 6 foot 8! It was crazy. All lovely and enjoyable though. The dinner and dance was so much fun and the music they played was perfect! I grew up going to carshows and sock hops (even have a pink poodle skirt) so I was in my element listening and singing along to the oldies. They played a lot of slow songs, which was nice. Brian changed the words to Lady in Red to Lady in Green — quite hilarious lyrics actually.

The highlight of the dancing, however, was when they played songs from Grease (my favourite movie growing up) followed by Paradise by the Dashboard Lights (always suitable for a wedding!). Brian and I both knew all of the words and it was just so much fun — and also entertaining to watch parents wonder how the hell we would know the lyrics. Every single family wedding I have ever been to has played this song. I never listen to it at any other time, but there's just something about it and weddings.

The next morning we all attempted to meet for breakfast, but that didn't work out too well — and then the happy couple, though sleep deprived, were off for their honeymoon.

A perfect way to spend the long weekend!

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miracle in the andes

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This is how the world would look if I had died, I thought. I did not leave a very big hole. The world has gone on without me.

Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado

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