i finished reading jpod by douglas coupland

Posted on May 18, 2006. Filed under: Books |

I stayed up a bit late to finish JPod, and I actually got through it pretty quickly. I started just last week I think. I did really enjoy the book and the subtle randomness of the plot (which is why I enjoy Douglas Coupland books). I also found it interesting to note the plethora of pop culture references only because I was wondering:

If this book makes it, and if it’s around in 100, 200, 300, so on years how many people will read it and write dissertations on the pop culture references and their meaning or symbolism? It’s link to the early 2000s? How many people won’t have a clue as to who the hell Ned Flanders is? Or just won’t get it. This is definitely a timely, contemporary book and the characters are very well developed, likeable, and believable. They take over the story and it’s a good thing. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the positioning of the story within the current pop culture craze, this also helps with character development, it just intrigues me to think both 1) what will people in the future think…just out of interest’s sake? and 2) what references have I been missing in books that I read that are over 100 years old? Maybe I just glaze over some of the details that were pertinent to the time.


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