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how did you spend your mother’s day?

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Well, yesterday was pretty good in terms of mother's day. The little bro and I got some pretty nice gifts for mom, I took a rose up to the cemetary for my one grandma. It was actually a perfect, overcast, grey, cemetary kind of day. Then we all went to see my grandma (and the whole family was pretty much there, including the new little baby, and my other cousin who is now pregnant — very excited for her). I was holding the baby for a while and my aunt piped up to say "that's a pretty picture". Ha. Ha. Not impressed. I re-stated that there will be no children coming out of this body. Marriage, of course, also came up later on and I overheard another aunt say "I'm pretty sure she'll be keeping her name". Damn straight. It was interesting because we were talking about lineage and how "the boy" keeps the name/genealogy going and how annoying that is. I think that if (in the unlikely event) I did have kids, the girls could have my last name and the boys his. That would be both patriarchal and matriarchal. Pretty even I'd say. I like the plan. That, and the separate houses philosophy that is.

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the upsettedness

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Well, I think I might actually be a bit more over it now than I was before. I think I was more upset that Brian wasn't upset than the fact that he was staying. We talked about it last night, and he promised to be upset for at least a couple of days before being excited. It still really sucks, but I guess I'll just have to wait it out and see how it goes. Did I mention that it really sucks?

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