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the da vinci co… i mean mole

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This looks interesting.

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i’m over it

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Okay, I’m over it. I told you it would pass.

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top 5 posts this week

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I love looking at what people are searching for and what they click on in here just as much as I love the stats. So, I thought I'd share the top 5 posts from this week. They are…

1. The Fates Have Done it Again — Timing Is Apparently Everything
2. How Do You Find Someone Who Just Wants to Disappear?
3. The Bridal Shower Was So Fun
4. Suite Francaise C'est Fantastique
5. What To Do If You Think You Have Candida

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brian got yet another job…

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Well a week or so ago I mentioned that Brian got the job in Arizona and that I was going to Arizona to see him. Well, after a week of phone tag, we finally connected today and he got another job and will have to stay for more of the summer. Which, really isn’t a big deal I guess, it just kind of sucks and I’m kind of upset. Of course I want him to take the job and he is (though he kindly wanted to talk to me before accepting, which was nice), but I’m still allowed to be a little disappointed and upset? Right? I did the math and with him coming back next week and me going there in June we will have seen each other for 10 days over a period of six months. Again, not the end of the world, it just sucks. The other thing is that he’ll now be done at the middle of August, but right as he gets back I have a week-long sales conference followed by 2 weeks in the UK, so really I won’t see him until the middle of September if he’s back in Toronto (which he plans to be). I’m not upset that he’s taking the job or that the job was offered to him, that’s pretty cool, I guess I’m just upset for me. I wonder what other girls would do? Would they fly off the handle and get visibly angry and upset and yell at the guy? Would they be understanding like me? Would they break up with the guy? Would they go crazy? I just don’t know because I know that whenever these situations come up I of course want the person to take the job and would never dream of saying don’t, I just hope that they would do the same for me if the tables were turned. I guess I’m really upset for no apparent reason other than maybe feeling a little hurt and down on myself as a result, but it will pass, as it always does and probably sooner than it should.

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mac sans links

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I just wrote that last post in code — including the links and everything. Yay! Now I can write more from the mac despite its limited capabilities until I get Panther or Jaguar or Tiger or whatever feline I need to make the thing work by today’s standards!

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In 20 years I…

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Landismom tagged me with the following…

20 years ago I . . .

1. was, um, in Kindergarten…
2. had already met my best friend in pre-school, and we’re still friends
3. was an only child

10 years ago I . . .

1. was in high school
2. had been abroad for the first time
3. had a four year old brother

5 years ago I . . .

1. was at Queen’s University, in second year of an English Literature Degree
2. was dating Cameron, and saying goodbye as he left for Europe
3. met Brian (and started dating him later on in the year)

3 years ago I . . .

1. was graduating from Queen’s with a BAH in English
2. was no longer dating Brian
3. was leaving for Europe for 6 weeks and found out I got into grad school at SFU, in Vancouver

1 year ago I . . .

1. had quit the evil company (one year ago to the day!)
2. had just applied at the new company and was unemployed
3. was just starting to talk to Brian again after a year and a half of not talking

So far this year I . . .

1. have started a Certificate in Project Management at Ryerson
2. got back together with Brian and have been to Arizona once
3. have started to conquer the dyingness

Yesterday I . . .

1. met a friend from Queen’s for dinner
2. booked my flight to Arizona for June
3. read some more of JPod

Today I . . .

1. made gluten-free and candida-friendly pancakes
2. found recipes to make dinner for mother’s day tomorrow
3. woke up at 8:30 on a Saturday, which made me feel old

Tomorrow I will . . .

1. celebrate my mom for mother’s day
2. visit my grandma
3. see my newborn cousin, and congratulate my other cousin who is recently pregnant

In the next year I will . . .

1. go back to the UK for 2 weeks
2. buy a house
3. write a kids book

In the next minute I will tag . . .

1. ninadiva
2. merrymanjapan
3. dianeteacher

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1 year anniversary!!

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Today is the official 1 year anniversary of quitting the evil company. I had been working up to it for a long time (I believe they contributed heavily to the dyingness), and it was Friday the 13th, so I figured it was a good day to quit (I’ve always liked Friday the 13ths). It was the best feeling ever to be free of that place — unemployed, but free. And, I ended up working at a far, far, far better company only a month later. I guess sometimes fate works for me, not always against me. Though I was pissed off last night when I paid for parking and then looked at the ticket the machine spewed out. If I had waited 3 minutes it would have been half the price. I just had to say, “of course” and carry on to meet my friend for dinner.

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