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2000 hits!

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I just broke the 2000 hits mark — thanks everyone for visiting and for satisfying my need for stats!!

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ikea madness

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I just spent a year at ikea in a matter of hours. I did find a bookcase and a desk that I like, but only purchased the bookcase (and two cord pillows). We managed to get the bookcase out to the car and folded down the back seats of the corrolla. My mom and I kept squishing and pushing and prodding, but this thing just would not go in.

A guy even stopped to help us, which was so nice, and eventually we had it go across the back seat and out the side window.

Now, after getting lost twice on the way there, there was no way in hell that this thing was not going to fit. First of all, I started to leave town the way I do EVERY day for work and completely drove past the road I intended to take. Chaos ensued as I learned that my mother doesn’t know how to read a map.

We went the wrong direction three more times before even making it to the 407. Once on, we thought it was smooth sailing.


As we were looking for highway 7 after merging onto the 400 from the 407, it was nowhere to be found. Knowing that King Road was WAY to far, and not wanting to go all the way into Barrie, we turned around and found HWY 7 no problem — but you can’t get to it from the way we came — the exit is pretty much at the point of entry and there isn’t a sign.

I was dead determined to make the trip worthwhile and the bookcase, now at home and comfortably awaiting assembly in the garage (I have to wait until we move into the new house) seems to be quite content in its box.

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decapitating dandelions

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Remember when you would hold the head of a dandelion that had gone to seed and close your eyes, make a wish, and blow. Watch the parachutes flit across the landscape and it was so beautiful?

Meanwhile, there were angry grown-ups nearby cursing the state of their lawns and shaking fingers in your direction.

I just helped my dad decapitate the dandelions on our lawn to prevent their ability to propagate future generations. Mass dandelion genocide occurred mere minutes ago; I’ll be on the down-low for a while (until the heat passes).

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