how do you find someone who just wants to disappear?

Posted on May 7, 2006. Filed under: Family |

My cousin has had a rocky life lately. I’m not sure what’s been going on exactly, but it can’t help that her parents, teachers, etc. have told her she can’t do anything and that she’s stupid for the majority of her life. Add in an abusive ex husband, having a kid at a youngish age, and then another husband and 2 more kids all before the age of 30 and I guess that’s enough to push anyone over the edge.

She disappeared a while ago, but was still in touch with her family and was still in town. She got hooked onto some sort of drug, but no one knows what exactly (to which I think, there’s a hell of a big difference between pot and coke or heroine). She showed up here last weekend and I redid her resume in 6 different packages for her so that she could apply for jobs. She came for money for gas (and apparently went around to everyone in the family to get some money), which is fine, but it now seems as though she had another plan.

On Monday, she packed her bags (she was staying at her sisters) and left. No word since. No one knows where she could be and really, I don’t think there’s much anyone can do to find her. She’s not really a missing person, she’s well over the age of majority, and she clearly at least thought she wanted to leave.

So I ask, what does a family (which is about 40 members strong) do to find this lost person? There must be something that we can do to track her down.


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One Response to “how do you find someone who just wants to disappear?”

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Hey-was just having a look around your blog…linked to you from Logan’s~Oklahoma, what the hell? blog, and I came across this post. Sounds like she has gotten involved with drugs. A few people that I have known in my lifetime have gotten involved in similar situations. Do you know any of her friends? Someone that she could be hanging around? Or someone who might know where she is? It is hard to make someone stop doing drugs….they really have to want to make a change in their own life….and totally and completely get away from that whole scene. I hope your cousin is okay……and will get the help that she needs.

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