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Suite Francaise c’est fantastique

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I finished Suite Francaise and it’s a really intricate and fantastic read. I enjoyed everything about it. The appendix at the end is equally interesting to the rest of the novel as it has the writers notes about her plans and structure ideas for the remainder of the book (which she never had the chance to write as she was Jewish and ended up in one of the concentration camps). I was sad, upon finishing that there wasn’t any more to read beyond the first 2 books and moreso because of why she died. It’s frustrating to think that the masterpiece could have been completed, then again, it would have never been written if it weren’t for the war.

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the dialupness is driving me crazy

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Oh, how I long for days of highspeed — then I can upgrade my mac and will be able to do fun things like link to pages in wordpress. I do love my cute little mac, I just hate the inability to do things with high broadband content and even to load pictures due to the dialupnesslychallenged life I lead. Tragic. I know.

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the cutest phone message ever

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Half way through the week my mom and brother called because he had been playing his sax books that I got him while I was away and he played for a few minutes on the message. Very cute — and he’s pretty good too. I’m just happy to have expanded his repetoire beyond the theme song for Pirates of the Carribean.

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JW’s Steakhouse in the Eaton Centre Marriott

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I had the best fillet mignon in this restaurant ever! I made a lot of people go to this place over the week, so if you’re ever in Toronto you should check it out. I should, however, apologize to the vegetarian friend who came with us — yes, it was a steakhouse, but they did have some yummy appetizers that she could have). The best part is the decor. I loved sitting back and listening to jazz and the huge, comfy wingback chairs, and the service. The waiters had a lovely disposition and very good memories (remembered the food restrictions and everything!)

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brian got the job

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A month ago Brian started a conversation with his break-up voice on by saying:

“Look hon, I have something I need to talk to you about.”

Yikes. Tears instantly flooded my eyes as I assumed he was announcing a year long move to China or a break-up or some such thing (I seem to have a history with guys leaving for the other side of the world).

Anyway, he applied for a job in Arizona for the summer as a choir director. This meant more time apart if he did get it and, frankly, he knows I’ve been growing weary and getting quite upset with long distance and not really being secure in our relationship because of it. As it turns out it really won’t be that much more time than he was already going to be there for anyway, so that’s cool.

And he did get the job. Just yesterday. Which is exciting for him and I am very proud of him for doing this and really everything is positive here, I’m just a little bit disappointed that I won’t be able to see him as much in May. I told him he didn’t have to come home at all if he didn’t want to, but he still is. And, now I might get to go to Tucson to see his big debut (funds pending).

Of course the news had to come 2 days after the drunken phone call and on our anniversary. I told him he’d get the job because fate was working in his favour far too much:

1. Everything always works out for him.
2. Nothing ever works out for me.

With odds like that, you can’t defy fate.

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after the drunken phone call

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The day after the drunken phone call I looked at my horoscope for the day before and it read:

Don’t underestimate the ripple effect — your comments have far more impact than you realize, even if you don’t see the results immediately. Your sweetheart is paying attention to what you say, so watch your words.

Damn. Should have paid attention to that one and read it in advance of the debotchery. Hope I didn’t make too many ripples.

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sales conference done and i’m back to regular life…

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This week was very eventful, the highlight being the hotel. I did not want to move out of the hotel this morning — the bed was way more comfy than mine is, the pillows too, and the 10 minute walk to work was pretty sweet.

The dangerous thing would be the drinking…

So I was significantly hammered on Tuesday. And, while I’ve had lots of experience in this department it has been quite a while because I can’t really drink anything other than gin (no gluten, dairy, or sugar), half way through dinner number 2 I was mentioning that I felt fine and that I couldn’t taste the gin in my drinks.

The suggestion?

To order doubles.

And so I did. The doubling of the alcohol also lead to a halfing of the time it took for me to consume said beverage and, as such, I was very drunk very quickly. I don’t remember much, but do know that I talked A LOT.

Then…the infamous drunken phone call to the boyfriend.


Now he does know me quite well and has experienced many of these, but the problem is that now (with age) I don’t remember a word of what I said. So any incriminating evidence is wholly in his court.

Apparently I went to bed at around 3:00 am and then got up again at 7:00. Again, days like that are long gone with the summer of QTS — coincidentally the summer I met Brian… Hmmmm…

Anyway, I made it through the day and still have a boyfriend who is very patient and who apparently loves me very much (though I’m not always sure why…especially given the crazy behaviour and apparent need for attention).

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