why would i want a job from you?

Posted on April 20, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

There was a message on the phone today from a company who is interested in talking to me about some job that is coming up that they’d like to interview me for. Apparently they have been reviewing my resume. Now, I haven’t applied for a job in about a year, and at that time I was desperately trying to escape from the evil company, so I did apply to several jobs, but I don’t remember the name of this company being one of them. Would I really want to work for a company that follows up a year later? I mean, maybe they just kept my resume on file for this long because they liked it, but come on. Now, am I supposed to call them back and say sorry, I have a job, thank you. Or just leave it unanswered? Leave them questioning? Leave them wanting more….?


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3 Responses to “why would i want a job from you?”

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I think it depends on whether you want or need a different job from the one you have now. If you are not happy in your present position, check out the offer. If you like where you are, just say no thanks.

Blessings on your life.


I don’t know about you and Canada, but here in America I’d take just about any opportunity that came my way. I certainly understand your frustration, makes you wonder how they will treat you by putting calling you off for so long.

I don’t think this is a US vs Canada thing — I’m a fairly driven person. So much so that I kinda didn’t wait around for a year for a company to call me — I found a job 2 weeks after quitting the evil place and I love it 🙂

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