a reminder of the drama and attitude in high school

Posted on April 8, 2006. Filed under: Friends, School |

I went to the naturopath’s for my beloved B12 shot last night and, as I walked in, the girls at the front desk said hi and then I sat… recognizing the girl in the waiting room as my arch nemisis in high school (though I’m sure there were more than one, so perhaps it’s nemisi — probably not).

A smug smile came to my face as I had an immediate flash back to the locker war of ’97. This girl had dated a guy who I was friends with and admittedly had a crush on. Well, the broke up ages before we had a locker next to one another and she had a new boyfriend and everything, but the main problem she had was that she was a bitch.

I had her ex-boyfriend’s picture up in my locker and one day it was gone. As all of her friends were standing, giggling and waiting for me to open my locker I deduced that they had stolen the photo.

Well, this was not going to be taken easily.

All out war broke out between her allies and mine.

Backpacks were swung at her current boyfriend as he tried to be intimidating — well, actually I think I hit him quite hard.

I believe the word BITCH may have been etched into her locker with a key — I’m a bit fuzzy on the details, but it was so important at the time. Something was scrawled on my locker too by her lackies, but I’m not sure what it was….

Returning to yesterday — I sat, confidently in the office (I’m there every week, so it’s like it’s my office anyway, right?) and watched her squirm. She actually looked terribly uneasy and uncomfortable. She bolted for the office door as soon as the naturopath (luckily not mine) opened the door.

And all I could do was continue to smirk and remember the ridiculousness of it all.


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