sprinklers in spring?

Posted on April 7, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

On my drive home yesterday I noticed a company with 6 sprinklers on a little patch of still-dead-from-the-winter grass.

Seriously people. It's the spring. It's Toronto. It's going to rain. The grass is going to grow on its own. It's not like we're in Dubaii or Arizona and need to import the grass and the water. Why not just turn the sprinklers off? At least until July?


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3 Responses to “sprinklers in spring?”

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Just be glad you have water, in the midwest of America, more specifically the state of Oklahoma, we have been in a continual drout for almost a year now. We just had a storm yesterday, but it didn’t really last long enough to make much of a difference. A few years ago the lake that our city uses for a water source was completely dried up and I was able to walk around on the bottom of the lake, I walked below to dam gates which was pretty crazy now that I think about it. So yeah, I feel your pain, it just seems so wasteful doesn’t it?

Walking on the bottom of a lake? Wow — that takes the cake. Was there a secondary source for the city to survive on?

I was so angry when I saw the sprinklers. The grass is still dead for heaven’s sake — that’s why it’s brown. There’s probably still frost in the ground! I was livid I tell you! Livid!

Oh, and it poured all day today. Case in point.

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